Funkadelic Mothership Launches in 3-D

Stereo Vision Entertainment and the King of Funk, George Clinton, ( announced a 50-50 partnership agreement, with Stereo Vision producing the spectacular George Clinton Mothership show in 3-D.

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The plan is to bring Clinton’s group to the L.A. Forum, and film George and his enormous cast of over 100 characters in a one-time only, state of art, 3-D extravaganza. Stereo Vision’s financial partner, Adirondack International Pictures, is to provide the funding, and manage all of the promotion for the concert event.

George Clinton has a worldwide appeal with fans of all ages, from 5 to 95 and George Clinton’s Mothership show in 3-D, should become a classic.

Stereo Vision’s Chief Executive Officer, Jack Honour told NewsBlaze “The show is going to be lots of fun, both for the audience and the Stereo Vision team. George is as much fun to work with, as he is to watch on stage.”

“This production is an example of Stereo Vision’s determination to bring new and innovative content to a 3-D theatre near you. When you go to the show and in 3-D, you see George fly his Mothership out into the audience, you’ll see just what I mean.”

Located in Van Nuys, California, Stereo Vision Entertainment is a publicly media company, with interests in film, television, and music production properties. Stereo Vision produces and acquires cutting-edge entertainment media assets.

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