Folsom Live Celebrates Life and Fun


Folsom Live is a yearly celebration of life in Folsom, the premier “dress up, let your hair down, have fun event”. Running from 5pm to 10, its was just enough to have a great time, not outstay it’s welcome, or be too much aggravation for the neighbors.

I saw eleven bands on seven different stages. There was plenty of food and drink and visitors could choose which music and entertainment they liked most or they could sample a little of everything.

Whiskey Dawn, California’s high-octane country band, was amazing, and in my opinion, the best band of the night.

Part dance, part vocal, and fabulous sexy costumes, the talented Pussycat Angels and band rocked the Folsom Live house.

Dave Russell, a Placer County resident, and two time “Star Search” Champion played to sold out crowds in Nashville, Biloxi, Branson, San Antonio, Reno, Tahoe, and all of Northern California, and last night, Folsom Live.

Jacob Thomas played an accoustic guitar and sang solo in the Stage Nine Theatre. A Christian singer, he has a good voice and rhythm, but he was having problems competing with the wild dance group across the road.

There was also an amazing laser light show, flashing beams of ghostly green light everywhere, and making the trees dance, literally.

Organized by the Folsom Chamber of Commerce and supported by great sponsors, and a huge cast of workers and volunteers, Folsom Live lived up to it’s name and entertained a lot of happy people.

The bands were:

  • It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll
  • Jay White/Neil Diamond Tribute
  • Whiskey Dawn
  • Dave Russell
  • STT Rock Hits 90’s
  • Rogue Classic Rock
  • Caravanserai/Santana
  • Dean-o-Holics
  • DJ Jamie Lou
  • Pussycat Angels/Pussycat Dolls Tribute
  • Jacob Thomas
  • The bands were located at:

  • Railroad Turntable
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Powerhouse
  • Hacienda
  • Wool and Riley
  • Balcony on Sutter
  • Stage Nine Theatre
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