Emree Franklin and Pablo Stennett, “We Are Tomorrow”

Music empowers the heart in ways that nothing else can. Think of “We Are The World,” “Imagine,” and “One Love.” These songs brought people together and provided inspiration to do better things. Now the talent of Pablo Stennett and Emree Franklin come together to present a new anthem, for a new age, “We Are Tomorrow.”

Pablo Stennett

Pablo Stennett, the multi-Grammy award winning musician, composed and produced the music. The incredible voice of emerging singer/songwriter Emree Franklin brings life to the lyrics. Backing up the instruments is a multi-ethnic chorus of talented young children.

The aim of this song is to shine a light on an important timeless message: that we have the courage, strength and wisdom to heal our world and inspire greater love and awareness.

Stennett says “We Are Tomorrow” started off as a vision born of deep passion in his heart. It has an infectious melody, coupled with powerful, insightful lyrics crafted for the voice and artistry of Emree Franklin.

Listen To “We Are Tomorrow”

Emree Franklin

Emree Franklin is 21 years old, a singer, songwriter and recording artist from the Pacific Northwest, who has a truly captivating voice. Her poignant lyrics speak directly to the hopes and dreams of young women.
Emree Franklin at the mic.
Emree Franklin at the recording mic. Photo: wearetomorrowmusic.com
Pablo Stennett, born and raised in Jamaica, was influenced by many musicians in his family’s background. He started playing piano at age five. He now tours the world with Ziggy Marley. Over the years, Pablo Stennett has worked with many superstar artists, including Willie Nelson, Jimmy Cliff, Chaka Khan, Pink and Raphael Saadiq.
pablo stennett on bass.
Pablo Stennett on bass. Photo: wearetomorrowmusic.com
The veteran bassist and his core team worked together to create this inspiring anthem.

“The beautiful thing about music is that it can bring people together in a spirit of love, kindness, charity, service and cooperation,” he says. A new generation is waiting to be inspired by a vision of a better tomorrow.

Here is what the We Are Tomorrow website says about the message they want to send:

An anthem of hope for a new generation, “We Are Tomorrow” is an effort to send a positive message, to bring awareness and spark discussion about the steps we must take to improve our world. At its core, the message is about being mindful of the challenges and issues that relate to each of us individually, and encouraging positive change while influencing how the next generation perceives the world and their place in it.

Emree Franklin and Pablo Stennett really are the future of music.

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