Donald Trump Advised: “Spend More Time With Melania”

Country Star Michael Shawn Hartman has advised President Trump to spend more time with his wife Melania Trump, and less time on Twitter, NewsBlaze dot com reports. Country stars, widely known for singing about rodeos, farms, whisky and women, are widely popular in America’s heartland, which had a strong showing of support for Donald Trump.

Now, country star Michael Shawn Hartman – growing more quickly in popularity since releasing several new songs that are getting major attention, says that President Trump seems to not be getting enough love in his life, which may be causing him frustration that is creating problems with others, NewsBlaze reports.

Michael Shawn Hartman
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“I’ve advised President Trump to spend less time on Twitter, and more time in the bedroom,” country star Michael Shawn Hartman stated recently, adding further advise to the President, “Listen to some country! Get out with the First Lady. Have some fun! Take Melania to the Grand Ole Opry! Every day shouldn’t be a battle.”

Just last week, before this story made headlines, it was revealed that Melania and their son Barron are now moving in to the White House. Michael Shawn Hartman considers this a step in the right direction. Mainstream media shows President Trump regularly fighting with many including the mayor of London, and with the mainstream media, which President Trump calls the “Fake News Media.”

Donald Trump has referred to what he calls unfair and untrue reports of media concerning alleged Russian collusion as a ‘dark cloud,’ hampering his ability to most successfully lead the country. Countless people from around the world regularly pick on Trump in the media, country star Michael Shawn Hartman pointed out. He said, “The more love the President has in his life, the less conflict he will be in.”

Michael Shawn Hartman is beyond the label of country music. Like Johnny Cash himself – who the rising country star cites as an influence, Michael Shawn Hartman transcends musical genres and boundaries, bringing in at times sweeping orchestration of string instrumentation on keys, backed by solid, boot thumping grooves on guitar.

And all of this is powered by the indelible foundation of Michael Shawn Hartman’s unforgettable and unbeatable lyrical and musical composition. This is music that Presidents and political party supporters across both political divides will find appealing. Music combined with what proves to be a simply stunning, captivating, and legendary voice hitting and holding Baritone and Bass notes with ease. This is simply fantastically rare and delightful to hear on such great songs. This is the man who Hollywood Sentinel dot com confidentially calls – “The next Johnny Cash.”

Asked what he thinks about politics, Michael Shawn Hartman, states, “I try not discuss politics. I just want to get along with everybody.” And he adds, “I just want to make people happy when they hear my music.”

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