Devika – International Music Collaboration – My Eyes Speak

A collaboration between artists from three countries – India, Pakistan and the US, brings to the market a unique album that announces the debut of San Francisco based Indian singer – Devika.

The first song on the album is Kehnde Ne Naina (My Eyes Speak) – Punjabi Lounge music, an interesting, haunting mix, quite different to other indian female music.


  1. Kehnde Ne Naina
  2. Intezaar
  3. Pehli Nazar
  4. Jeena Tere Bin
  5. Nayyo Lagda
  6. Mere Husn Ki Garmi
  7. Ishq Yeh

Music for the self-titled album was composed by Shahi (Shehzad Hasan), a music director and producer whose work includes songs such as Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s Mann Ki Lagan and Laal (from the movie Paap). Shahi was a member of Pakistan’s first pop band – Vital Signs. Additional compositions are by Anshuman Chandra (an upcoming composer who created music for the film French Fries and Curry) and Noor Lodhi and Manesh Judge (music producers of international award winning music for the movie Maya).

The result was a truly global effort, bringing together artists, styles, recording and production capabilities from different parts of the world.

Production started with rough compositions being penned and recorded in Shahi’s studio in Pakistan as well as Noor’s studio in San Francisco. These were transmitted to the other side over the Internet – enhanced, decorated and re-transmitted back and forth until the music, compositions and vocals were rock solid.

Devika is well versed in Hindustani classical music – having learned under the supervision of several great teachers including Mr Chandra Rao (a student of Dr. N. Rajam, famous hindustani violinist). She is currently a student of Ustad Shafqat Ali Khan and Ustad Sukhawat Ali Khan.

Starting her music career while very young, Devika performed frequently through high school in New Delhi, using both classical and popular styles to capture her audience. During her undergraduate study years at Georgetown University, Washington DC, she experimented with a fusion of Indian classical music and electronic music. She also teamed up with Holmes Ives and performed vocals for the album titled ‘Satyriasis,’.

The goal of the album is to demonstrate the versatility of vocal performance and to create a collection that listeners can find something to connect with. The romance theme carries through each song, even though the songs span a variety of different styles including lounge, club, easy listening, Punjabi and film.

The music video for the album was shot in several stunning and exotic locations in Hyderabad and Bombay, including the Husain Sagar Lake at dawn.

Album Name: Devika

Artist: Devika

Record Label: Faith Records


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