Back Against The Wall: The ‘I Have a Dream’ for The Next Generation

D.H. DaHitwryter – A Performer Who Really Has Something to Say

As a society, it barely causes a flicker in the eye when we hear yet another news story dedicated to the subjects of war, hate, death, drugs… they’ve become the “norm” to everyday citizens. These atrocities are like background music as we finish the morning coffee, fix the tie, and rush out the door to take our place in corporate America.

Money and fame are still the most important things to attain, yet the lessons we’re teaching our children, and the deaf ear we’re turning on the horrific aspects of life, simply add to the dumbing-down of our society.

Not often, but every once in a great while, a performer or spokesperson comes along who actually has something to say. They work, they practice, they hear the headlines and, seeing the ignorance, speak the words that will make others stop, listen to the issues, and take the time to change the problems that we’re facing.

From the inner streets of Baltimore, Maryland came a person like this. A person who, at the age of seven, began putting words to music and at the age of nine sat in a church choir and believed in what was being said through the power of song. She was born Dionne Halsey and had an absolute skill for the basketball court. On that asphalt, Dionne saw her future – her tough, no-nonsense play spawned her dream to become a star in the field of female sports. Unfortunately injuries sidelined that particular dream and Dionne once again turned to the world of music.

Slowly but surely, Dionne began to put pen to paper and write down her heart and soul. She also noticed that the “big name” performers music actually took a backseat to their short skirts or their “sex sells” attitude; it was as if fame was far more important than the words that were coming out of their mouths.

Dionne was one of the very few who listened to what popular culture was churning out, and what the youth of America had to look up to as they watched their icons and idols fall because of partying ways or their extreme stupidity in the face of a challenge.

Lyrics are like poetry. Some are infused with fun; others profess love from the deepest part of the singer’s soul; while still others take on huge subjects and try desperately to get people to focus their attention on what is falling apart in the world. We need more of these honest poets. Hence, the creation of D.H. DaHitWryter.

Rap, R&B, Gospel, Hip-Hop – her music can fit easily into any genre. The versatility of this amazing performer has the ability to reach everyone, no matter what their music preference may be.

With her heroes being Tupac, Michael Jackson, and the incomparable Lauryn Hill, who brought the words ‘classy female’ to a whole new level, D.H. has used her writing talent and unbelievably strong voice to songs that reach out to the youth of today and make them see that there is a chance for their generation to change and improve what has been left behind.

In a way, D.H. has become something of a Dr. King. Her followers on Facebook and her true fans who have supported her since day one refer to themselves as “marchers,” who help push the ‘D.H. movement’ to the masses every day. D.H. has been more than vocal about her feelings toward some in the Hip-Hop industry, and how they must take some responsibility for the industry that has turned to costumes, shtick, and “fluff” pieces in order to claim fame. They don’t accept the fact that one of the jobs of being an idol is that the person who has the microphone in hand has the outright ability and responsibility through their lyrics and actions, to teach the world what the right choices really are.

On January 1, 2011, D.H. was part of a broadcast of a show given in Arizona in October of 2010, called Diva Status, which was a forum that spotlighted female artists and offered them exposure in the mostly-male dominated Hip-Hop realm.

With the help of shows such as this and her avid “marchers,” this fantastically talented singer/songwriter is set to release her debut mixtape titled “Back Against the Wall.”

This first solo project offers everything, from songs that allow listeners to dance; to songs of love and romance that set hearts aflame; to socially responsible songs that offer in-depth views on how we can all reach out, join together, and change the course that America is taking. That is the course that involves shoddy politics, drugs, alcohol, sex-selling, and actually promoting and encouraging the youth of today to ruin their lives by following some of the ridiculous paths that generations before have left behind.

D.H. IS the trailblazer. Her music is not only fun to listen to, but the inspirational and true words, in an industry where truth is hard to come by, will hopefully change the stoic, staid faces of the people heading off into that corporate world without a thought or idea on how to change the world for the better. In fact, her larger dreams are focused on opening a youth foundation that concentrates on helping them master their dreams – with a special outreach for families of suicide victims as well as youth who suffer from depression.

All the producers and record companies in America and beyond seem to be searching for the next uneducated, ignorant princess who will end up adorning the cover of Star magazine with her latest break-up or drunken night out. This amazing debut should have them running to D.H.’s door instead, handing HER the microphone, and allowing her to bring about the changes that this world desperately needs.

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