American Idol: Final Top 3 Predictions

Despite a decline in ratings, this season’s American Idol finds Syesha Mercado in a triangle with two Davids — David Archuleta and David Cook. “If it’s about the niche, Syesha will win” comments Peg. In other words, she is the underdog, as the main focus of season seven is the two Davids — David Archuleta and David Cook.

While David A. is “a good singer” that could have “a great career”, April said, he’s more “Disney”. And Jason Hughes of TV Squad agrees. “The Idol machine can thus take complete and total control over his image and presentation without destroying who he is, because he probably doesn’t even know yet. [However, kids] must have a champion that appeals to the youngest demographic, after all today’s kids are tomorrow’s faithful American Idol viewers.”

But, according to sjohnmassoud, his chances of winning may be ruined because what happened behind the scenes involving his father being forbidden backstage. David C., on the other hand, is “the ‘whole package'”. “He has reasons for everything he does” April said. “And, if he wants to win, he deserves it and he should have it.”

Syesha, Hughes said, has “presence”, for she been “connecting with the audience in a real way” as both contestant and individual”, which may lead to success after Idol. However, the jury is still out as viewers as well as judges Simon, Randy, and Paula are still predicting the two Davids as the final Top 2. Still, it is every man — and woman — for themselves on American Idol.

Source: TV Squad

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