American Idol 2008: Do Parents and Show Business Mix?

Who said that fathers know best? Just ask David Archuleta, one of the Top 3 finalists for American Idol. News broke out that his father Jeff was banned from being backstage, being called by some as “a domineering, career-minded stage dad.” The request was made when Jeff told his son to put lyrics of artist Sean Kingston into Ben E. King’s 1958 classic, “Stand by Me”; that cost Idol song-clearance fees.

However, both David and Idol producers step up to set the record straight. “[My dad has] given me a lot of good advice and helped me from making any dumb decisions” the teenager told TV Guide. Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe told Entertainment Weekly that the stories about Jeff’s so-called bad behavior is nothing to be taken seriously. “[Jeff] is fine to be in the studio — nothing wrong with that” he stated. “We just want David to be free like everyone else to get on and do what they want to do.”

However, according to, Jeff was friendly with Paula and Randy, but didn’t interact with Simon. However, they also stated that he was upset with Lythgoe for being “excited” when David Cook performed.

And as for tonight’s show, who will be the Top 2, and be the odd man — or woman — out? Syesha Mercado was being praised for her dress and performance last night by everyone — almost everyone. “I don’t think its good enough to make the finals” Paula said, as audience boos for her response. Still, Syesha didn’t let that stop her. As much as all wants the highly anticipated two David finale, it’s not over until the last note has sung. With American Idol, anything is possible, so expect the unexpected.

David A. may head home tonight.

Source: and TVFan

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