The Women: Eva Mendes On Pie, Boy Talk And Not Playing Bitchy

Eva Mendes may be playing flirty in The Women, but in real life it seems that all that slender sexpot loves to mostly talk about, is food. Eva seemed to float into the room for this sitdown about her latest movie, unbelievably graceful in these mile high silver stiletto heels. But the talk soon turned serious, touching on chocolate covered almonds, hair curlers in the delivery room, and exactly where the cute guys were hiding on that strictly females-only movie set.

So what’s the ultimate girl’s night out for you, that you could just not live without?

Eva Mendes1
Eva Mendes1

EVA MENDES: Ooh!…Mine would be like connecting, and stuff. Yeah, mine would be taking my girlfriends out, I’ve had the same girlfriends since I was in the seventh grade.

But I love to go out to dinner, and introduce some kind of something to my friends that we normally wouldn’t do. Like frequent a certain place they’ve never been, or ever had a certain type of cuisine.

And I really like to take it upon myself to treat them. I love to treat people! And I didn’t even know this about myself until recently.


EM: Oh, absolutely! I will always pick up the check. And I enjoy that. it’s not an ego thing, or where I feel guilty. It’s literally where I have come to terms with that I love treating people that I love.

And I love treating my girlfriends. And having them order, you know, whatever they want. And if they don’t like it, hey, order another plate. Not in a wasteful way. But in a way of, like let’s enjoy this meal, and let’s just bond. We did this two weeks ago, when I stopped by in LA. We had a four hour dinner.

And how was the tab? Let me guess, you didn’t blink an eye.

EM: No, it wasn’t too bad. A couple of hundred bucks or something. I think we stuck with basics. You know, a lot of desserts! And I swear, you can take the girls out of junior high school, but wow. We get together, it’s like school all over again!

How so?

EM: It’s all about boys! And fashion. And boys, and fashion…

So what was it like on The Women set, with so many, well, women?

EM: Cat fights! We got into a brawl the first day. And then we were good.

How did it feel playing that working girl Crystal, with all those snooty rich women around you?

EM: Yeah, we were like the have-nots! But one of the heartbreaks of being an actress for me, was ending up on the cutting room floor. You know, when you feel you had something to offer in a certain scene.

And like my character wasn’t just this desperate, cold-hearted bitch. Like she didn’t have anything her whole life, and she just wanted a piece of the pie.

But I had a great time bonding with all those women. It was like me, Meg, Annette and Jada, we all went over to the director’s place in Cape Cod. And cut to me like crying when we left, it was like camp! You know, it was like a quick bond.

Because whether or not I’m the Other Woman in the movie, we still all need chemistry. And I made it really easy for those other women to…hate me!


EM: No, no. To love to hate me! Like to add that little love hate thing with me. In the movie!

I see…And you also had to recreate Joan Crawford.

EM: Oh Jesus. Yeah…But I didn’t want to steal a husband. I just wanted a piece of the pie. I didn’t want to grow old with that man! I just wanted to, you know, borrow him for a few years. Like borrow his credit cards. And then give him back!

This movie also brings up the hot topic of trust. How do you deal with trust issues in your own life?

EM: You know, I have such a tight circle of friends. And my circle goes back to twelve years old, with some of these girls. And of course my family, we have certain differences over things. But my family, my sisters and my mom, I know for a fact that they will never betray me.

And if they ever did, let’s say, like happens in the movie, it would be for such an amazing reason. And we would grow from it. But I’m very good at reading people. And the minute I read that you’re trying to kiss up to me, or that you possibly want a piece of my pie in the wrong way, you’re not doing it.

You know, I’m very easy to just not cultivate a friendship out of wanting people around. I have my base, my maybe six women in my life, that I cannot live without. And then others come in and out, but I’ve got that base. And for me, I feel really blessed that I have that.

And I’m Cuban American. And how I was raised, is your husband , of course he has to know stuff, and of course communication. But my mother has always said, like your husband doesn’t have to be in the delivery room with you.

The Women
The Women

And I’m like, are you serious? And I’ve never had a baby! But my mother is from that old school. because in the delivery room, you’ll like have your hair in curlers and your makeup off. So that’s how I was raised. You know, you always have to look a certain way for a man.

Was it a downer not having any men in this movie?

EM: No way, we had a really cute camera guy! Yeah, there were plenty of cute boys around. I remember that day I had to do the lingerie scene with Meg Ryan. I had to keep the lunch down to a minimum because, you know, I’m practically wearing nothing.

And that’s not fun for me at all, because I’m a big eater. I really enjoy food. And I love that I enjoy food! But that was a tough day. And Joe, the food service guy, he was sooo sweet. At the end of the day, my favorite thing is chocolate covered almonds. And he got me a huge plate of them. And I almost ate all of them myself!

Anyway, the point of all this is that there were plenty of men taking care of us in all different kinds of ways. And they were definitely around! Yeah. I couldn’t survive with just all girls! But there was plenty of sneaking away to gab and have cigarettes. And anybody who says different, is full of it!

So yeah., there were total bonding moments too. But I was a little jealous that I wasn’t included in the birth scene. I thought it would have been cool if I all of a sudden showed up!

Do you think you’re anything like your character in the movie?

EM: Oh god, I really hope I don’t have much in common with her! Like she’s very desperate. But she’s not a bad person, she’s not evil or anything. But certainly she’s desperate. And she makes really bad decisions.

And I think personally, messing around with a married man is a really big deal. And you better be ready to be called every name in the book. I don’t believe you’re stealing a husband, but it’s a major thing to carry on your shoulders.

And you’re not anything like that.

EM: No, absolutely.

Okay, thanks. And I love those wicked shoes.

EM: Thank you. Oh, that’s what I have in common with my character!

But how do you walk in those huge stiletto heels?

EM: I know, it’s like a circus act!

Prairie Miller
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