Fresh Film Review

Populist Documentary Issues Urgent Call for Healthy Food

When you visit the supermarket these days, you probably don’t check to see which company has been growing the food you eat. What you may not realize is that a small number of huge agribusiness conglomerates control our entire food chain. That food chain runs all way from the seeds planted, to your plate. As America’s diet deteriorates, those conglomerates are the ones determining most of the things that you put in your mouth.

Most of us care more about cost, taste and convenience than how healthy or unhealthy the food is for our bodies or how good or bad it is for the planet. We are all blissfully unaware of the dangerous trends that we’re caught up in, as the conglomerates take away our choices. What we get instead are the choices they make, and that means adulterated processed products with very low nutritional benefit to us.

The whole food market has been cornered by mega manufacturers and mega distributors such as Walmart, Cargill, and ADM. they draw us in with lower prices and we don’t even notice that we are becoming increasingly dependent on the food that contains their genetically modified crops.

The Fresh documentary is a groundbreaking expose of what has happened to the food that we depend on. When we see our grocery bill we know nothing about the additional costs such as the subsidies our government pays to the manufacturers and distributors. We don’t see the toll that the use of industrial additives such as hydrogenated oil and high fructose corn syrup is taking on us and everyone around us.


Fresh is directed by Ana Sofia Joanes, and the documentary issues an urgent clarion call for all of us consumers to put our purchasing power to work before it’s too late by supporting the local farmers who are out there now, producing natural and organic foods that are good for us. Some of these farmers will surprise you, such as former pro basketball player Will Allen, an African-American who not only tills three acres but devotes time to teaching seminars encouraging others to follow in his footsteps.

Addressing a group of aspiring farmers, Will Allen says “We will not move from this spot, until every one of you tells me you can go home and do this.”

Another very vocal advocate says, “This is a social justice movement as much as it is an environmental movement or energy crisis movement. Food is a human right.”

What these advocate-farmers are doing is in stark contrast to the corporate approach to agriculture. This documentary makes a persuasive argument that your daily choices matter for the long-term prospects of the survival of both humanity’s and the planet.


Excellent (4 stars)


Running time: 72 Minutes

Studio: Specialty Studios

Distributor: Ripple Effect Productions

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