Arts Express: Mandy Patinkin Talks Wish I Was Here and Homeland

Actor Mandy Patinkin Talks Wish I Was Here and Homeland:

The big and small screen and stage actor delves into contemporary father and adult son relationships and that dramatic challenge during these turbulent economic times, in Wish I Was Here. Along with his passion for acting, and what the creative process has meant to him through the years.

A Most Wanted Man:

John Le Carre flips the script from the Cold War to the War on Terror in this German spy thriller, and new heroes turned villains linked to the NSA and CIA. Dutch Director Anton Corbijn weighs on during this conversation with Arts Express, along with reflections on working with the late Philip Seymour Hoffman on this last movie of his, as a jaded, weary German spy.



Satire and surrealism upstage sacrament in Calvary, a somewhat mixed metaphor screwball religious comedy noir. Or in other words, if Jesus returned to earth, specifically Ireland, in the midst of this chaotic and lunatic moment in human history. Laced with an overload of consumed spirits to juice up this not exactly spiritual tale of a befuddled rural Irish priest (Brendan Gleeson) – though psychedelics might have been a more suitable fit. Arts Express commentary.

Professor Dennis Broe

on location in Paris, on The World Film Beat. Scrutinizing the intertwined political and economic currents of the day with cinema, and “the visually ever more complex meaninglessness of Hollywood.”

Arts Express Poetry Corner:

Eyes Wide Open, a political conversation and reading, from this new poetry anthology published by West End Press. Chris Butters reports.

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