Apostles of Comedy

“Someone once said, ‘comedy is not funny'”, said comedian Ron Pearson, “and they’re right”. Pearson is one of the quartet as Apostles of Comedy: The Movie. Joining him is Jeff Allen, Brad Stine, and Anthony Griffith, in which these men of different backgrounds and styles have a common purpose: they’re light-hearted in their material, but still being edgy.

In other words, they may be the PG-rated version of The Kings of Comedy.

“Everybody endures life” states Stine. “Some people deal with their problems with drugs, alcohol, or sex – we chose comedy to mock our pain.”

The lives of these award-winning comedians will be explored, as the film in documentary form will show them at home with their families, with unrehearsed conversations between them behind the scenes.

“We chose comedians who specifically do comedy that appeals to all ages”, said Executive Producer Lenny Sisselman, “something that the whole family could sit down and enjoy together.”

And who says that comedy is hard?

“We wanted to produce something that was counter-culture”, said Allen, “something that would not only be funny, but move people emotionally.”

Jeff Allen, Brad Stine, Anthony Griffith, and Ron Pearson become the Apostles of Comedy: The Movie — prepared to be release from First Look Studios on September 9.

Source: Christian Newswire