Charlotte Wincott’s ‘The Issue with Elvis’ Gets March 15 Release

Drama feature ‘The Issue with Elvis‘ from Hollow Metropolis Films and starring veteran actor Jeff Wincott, Wolfgang Wincott, Heather Bowling, Erek Richarde, and Bill Meisenzahl is releasing via Random Media across digital platforms March 15th, 2022.

Debut feature film writer-director, and producer Charlotte Wincott’s ‘The Issue with Elvis‘ follows the story of Dr. Michael Mercer (Jeff Wincott), a retired botanist who lives in a cabin in the mountains outside of Morgantown, West Virginia. An expert in fungi, he collects different types of mushrooms from which he isolates various compounds. During one of his treks in the West Virginia mountains, he happens upon a runaway boy who is living in a broken-down school bus on the grounds of an abandoned amusement park. The boy follows Dr. Mercer home one evening after one of his fungi-hunting outings, and the scientist decides to take the child in. The boy tells Dr. Mercer that his name is Elvis, and the duo begin to get to know each other. The botanist begins to piece together the mystery of Elvis through his own research, uncovering the child’s complicated history. Dr. Mercer is torn between wanting to help Elvis by providing a temporary, safe place to live, and feeling the moral obligation to return the boy to his rightful home. Along the way, the two become unlikely friends, and give each other comfort in otherwise lonely microcosms.

‘The Issue with Elvis’ releasing March 15, 2022, premiered at the Big Bear Film Summit in June 2021 and has gone on to win over a dozen festival awards including Best Original Film at the Poe Film Festival in Richmond, Virginia and Best Feature Film at the Toronto Beaches Film Festival in Toronto, Canada. Jeff and Charlotte’s son, Wolfgang, has also won a number of awards for his performance, including Best Young Actor and the Rising Star Award.

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