Tracy Reiner – An Exclusive Interview With ‘Betty Spaghetti’

Tracy Reiner was born in Albuquerque New Mexico on July 7th. She is member of one of the most lauded families in Hollywood, as the daughter of Michael Henry and Penny Marshall (actress from Laverne and Shirley fame,and the first major female film director of all time).

Penny Marshall was later remarried to Rob Reiner – Tracy’s Step Dad, who is creator of the masterful Stand By Me among many more. She is the niece of the iconic writer, producer, director Gary Marshall (creator of Happy Days among many others).

Betty Spaghetti - Tracy Reiner smiling.
Betty Spaghetti – Tracy Reiner.

Tracy lives in Los Angeles and is married with five children. An actress, writer, producer, and development executive for multiple award winning companies, she is head of Manifesto Films Inc., an independent film company she launched, that is based out of Los Angeles, California.

Having appeared in over fifty film and television shows including “Valentine’s Day,” “The Princess Diaries,” “The Princess Diaries 2- Royal Engagement,” “Riding in Cars with Boys,” “Apollo 13,” “Pretty Woman,” “Frankie and Johnny,” “When Harry Met Sally,” “Beaches,” “Die Hard,’ “Big,” “The Sure Thing,’ “The Flamingo Kid,” and her most known role in the T.V. show and film of “A League of Their Own’ as Betty Spaghetti Horn among many more.

If there was ever Hollywood royalty, Tracy Reiner would be it. This incredible woman is not merely a child raised by the Hollywood greats, she is greatness in her own right.

Betty Spaghetti – Tracy Reiner – Great In Her Own Right

Actress, producer, writer, mother, and Hollywood expert, Tracy Reiner is a dynamo, and her legacy in entertainment still grows, with even more of her best yet to come. Listen to the exclusive radio interview with Tracy Reiner at the link below.

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Listen to the exclusive interview with Tracy Reiner on The American Perspective with Judyth Piazza.