Nancy Cartwright – Exclusive Interview With The Voice of Bart Simpson

The Hollywood Sentinel – Bruce Edwin: What motivates you as an artist?

Nancy Cartwright: Hmmm…No one’s really asked me that before…

Bruce Edwin: Oh good, I was hoping I would get at least one!

Nancy Cartwright: You scored! It has to do with a bigger concept, I feel as an artist, that the artist in society is here for a reason other than to just entertain. I think the artist has a purpose in our civilization that elevates the culture. And if all artists were to look at it in that way, it is a huge responsibility, so that when you really break it down, and look at an actor that’s on a set, and they are going to their job, and if they show up late for that job, how that affects the other players in that game, because it’s a group, and a real group is formed by the individuals of the group, and to the degree that one of those individuals is weak, it breaks down to the whole group. So for me, when you wear your hat as an artist, and you show up, and not only do your job, but actually you do better than what’s expected…and for me, I have a certain integrity that I have about what it is that I’m communicating, and feel my purpose is to kind of elevate the society that will make the world a better place.


Hollywood Sentinel: Wow!

Nancy Cartwright: I want to do that. It’s a troubled world that we live in, and I think artists are making all the difference in the world. And there’s all kinds of different people that we have on the planet, trying to get along with each other, but some have conflicts and disagreements, but when you really look at music, and look at bands, and you look at messages that are portrayed through literature, and film and television, it’s the artist that can give hope to those that are watching.

Hollywood Sentinel: Definitely, that’s beautiful. And I know that you’ve absolutely done and are doing that, and just a small glimpse of your work in person with what you do for kids at your charity event-I mean wow-that was just incredible…

Flashback: October, 2010, The home of Nancy Cartwright: (Monte Carlo Night- Fundraiser for Youth) Bart Simpson and SpongeBob Squarepants (Nancy Cartwright and emcee for the night – Tom Kenny) sing a hilarious, rocking version of Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made for Walking,” which gets thunderous applause. Later, Nancy Cartwright confessed, “I’m not one to gamble much, but…I love to throw a party!” And my, what a party it was. The Mayor of Los Angeles’ office took the stage and presented Nancy Cartwright with a humanitarian award for her service to children and to the city. A flag in Washington DC flew in her honor and is now atop a flagpole on Nancy’s property.

Nancy Cartwright: Well thanks, I mean, to do it for five years of turning it out fast, and putting some padding there, and finding out hit and miss kind of what works, but after you do it one time, you realize, oh my gosh, we’ve got to change that, or that really works, and you find out really quickly what works and what doesn’t work, and I’ve had great staff that have helped me out, and volunteers in the community that have come on board too, and the support of the LAPD and that kind of thing is very exciting, it starts very early and you know the set up time is like a week or three in advance, to start setting it up all up. It is really fun! I really, really enjoy doing it and I think a lot of people have fun coming out.

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“If things aren’t quite ‘going your way’ and you feel like the world has got you down, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Make a decision. Change your direction. Re-evaluate who your friends are. Do something that will put you at more cause over your life. You will find it makes all the difference in the world. Oh, and don’t have a cow, man.” – Nancy Cartwright

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