Financial Expert Grant Cardone Discusses Why America Works

Grant Cardone – America’s Sales Leader Discusses The U.S.

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Grant Cardone: So, gotta stay away from sweat lodges from guys that don’t know what they’re doing.

Bruce Edwin: Ha ha, Yeah, I heard about that, that was terrible, that’s ridiculous. (…)

Grant Cardone: Yeah, they don’t know what they’re doing, OK here’s a guy, he charges for five days, he doesn’t have material for five days, so they throw in a sweat lodge, that covers six or seven hours, and this is people that don’t have enough material, so they teach junk that’s not tested, its not proven, and you know, there are a lot of charlatans out there, there are a lot of guys that are doing these two or three day deals, or weekend deals, that don’t have any real statistics, but they claim them selves to be gurus. Look, you can’t be all of these things that that guy claims he is. A wealth expert, a harmonics expert, a physical expert. You do all these things? OK, so maybe it’s not impossible, but it’s a little bit suspect to me.

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Grant Cardone: (…) I’m interested in the answer (to things), and I think most of America is. America is a very practical country. It’s a country that’s built on practicality. And the people that do well in this country are very practical people. They’re not very complicated. Google is not complicated, it’s practical. (…) You know, one of your questions I think was, what’s the most amount of money you’ve ever made? And you know, I never think about money like that, I’m kind of like I show up every day, over and over and over again, and then maybe some day I end up with something. You know, that wherever I go, I have to mow the lawn, because the grass is going to grow, there’s going to problems with it, there will be all the time maintenance, and America for the most part is not interested in getting rich quick, if you look at that, every body that does that, they get spanked, and spanked hard.

Grant Cardone: And so my point is, (…) I’m interested in the answers, what are the answers to me keeping a job? What are the answers to me making my business work no matter even when the economy is terrible? Look, the economy is problematic, you know the old saying, don’t blame me, it’s the economy stupid, well that’s a lie that Clinton used to simplify his campaign, the reality is the economy is problematic, it ain’t the problem, I am the problem, I am in my way, and you know, the economy is the opportunity right now, it’s not the problem, its problematic, but its the opportunity. Can you get in there, and be more efficient? Can you get in there and drive revenue to a company, can you get in there really practically and discuss with people new ways to do things? If you can do that, if you can make a movie cheaper today, that’s going to make more money? You know can you do things faster and quicker? Can you be more efficient for a consumer? You know, those things are going to continue to sell the marketplace, and will allow you to be successful, and so while the economy, it might be problematic, it is not the problem.

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