Arts Express: Sean Young Talks Darling, Bigtree Talks Vaxxed

Vaxxed and Darling, an unusual combination with a similar thread. A woman marginalized in Hollywood and a man marginalized everywhere. Two interviews on really interesting issues for Arts Express.

Sean Young on Darling

The veteran screen star of Oliver Stone’s Wall Street, is on the line to Arts Express to delve into her latest, different sort of workplace horror movie and surreal home invasion thriller. Along with discussing her journey through the years from enigmatic replicant in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, to finding herself marginalized in Hollywood as a woman with strong opinions.


Vaxxed Axed

It is The Most Talked About Film Not At The Tribeca Film Festival. A conversation with Vaxxed filmmaker Del Bigtree, deploring his dumped and disappeared investigative autism/vaccine linked documentary from the Festival – and the drug corporation economic interests that may be behind this. Yet within a week after its abrupt suspect cancellation at Tribeca, Vaxxed is winning an award at the Silver Springs International Film Festival in Florida.

The Doctors TV Show’s Bigtree details the government is in league with pharmaceutical deep pockets and bought big media, in distorting protest demands and burying disturbing medical findings linking the toxic triple vaccine cocktail MMR [Measles, Mumps, Rubella] to the alarming rise in autism among children.

While raising larger issues having to do with the power of corporations over personal lives; the politics and economics of film festivals that seem to be more about power and money than movies; career suicide; and what’s up with all those massive mystery pharmaceutical empire drugstores gobbling up lavish real estate and spreading across US cities.

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Prairie Miller
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