Artist Guadulesa Rivera Discusses New ‘Kickstarter Project ‘

An Exclusive Interview With Guadulesa by Bruce Edwin for The Hollywood Sentinel

Award winning fine artist Guadulesa has become known for abstract or loosely figurative works of art, which reflect spontaneity, strong rhythm, texture and color blends.

The visual artist is a Boston-native and former resident of the Piano Factory.

After studying, she began her art career in Los Angeles, California, where she began to exhibit her work and painted sets for the theatre, television and film industry. Exhibitions at Ligoa Duncan Gallery in New York City led to her work being sent to Paris in 1981, where she won Le Prix de Peinture du Centenaire de Raymond Duncan at L’Academie des Duncan, among more.

This recorded exclusive interview with Guadulesa, discusses her first new Kickstarter Project – Matrix 5, which she just got funded. Learn more about Guadulesa and her work in the video here below, and to purchase Guadulesa’s upcoming book, artwork, and more, she may be contacted at her site below this video.

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Contact Guadulesa by phone at: 323-550-1021 or E-mail her at

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