Artist Anne Fewell Reveals Tribute to Ray Bradbury

The work of great artists lifts up humanity, and serves the world a relief from their daily troubles. During many of America’s longest wars and even the Great Depression, many American’s spent their last savings to escape to the silver screen-Hollywood, where the land of movie stars could offer them for – if at least for a couple of hours or so, some great moments of happiness, adventure, and hope. The works of great fiction and art work that fills our museums offer equally such elevation of mood, and of the spirit.

In the greatest churches and temples of all time, which are devoted to the spiritual betterment of mankind, these great structures house some of the most magnificent works of art; paintings, stone carvings, statues, orchestral choirs, music of the voice, and other great monuments from ages past clear unto our present day. Art is vital to a culture, because art lifts up the spirit and heart of humanity from its’ darkest days. Art is communication from the soul of the artist, to the soul of the viewer. And to the extent that the physical structure of its existence lasts- art is eternal, outliving the life of its’ very own creator.


One legendary artist of our time, who stamped his name across the pages of history one book at a time, is the great Ray Bradbury. As stated on his official site; “In a career spanning more than seventy years, Ray Bradbury has inspired generations of readers to dream, think, and create. A prolific author of hundreds of short stories and close to fifty books, as well as numerous poems, essays, operas, plays, teleplays, and screenplays, Bradbury was one of the most celebrated writers of our time. His groundbreaking works include ‘Fahrenheit 451,’ ‘The Martian Chronicles,’ ‘The Illustrated Man,’ ‘Dandelion Wine,’ and ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes.’ He wrote the screen play for John Huston’s classic film adaptation of ‘Moby Dick,’ and was nominated for an Academy Award.” *(1)

“He adapted sixty-five of his stories for television’s ‘The Ray Bradbury Theater,’ and won an Emmy for his teleplay of ‘The Halloween Tree.’ In 2005, Ray Bradbury published a book of essays titled ‘Bradbury Speaks,’ in which he wrote: In my later years I have looked in the mirror each day and found a happy person staring back. Occasionally I wonder why I can be so happy. The answer is that every day of my life I’ve worked only for myself and for the joy that comes from writing and creating. The image in my mirror is not optimistic, but the result of optimal behavior.” *(2)

And so with that fine living, the great artist Ray Bradbury carved his name into history with his vast creations that will entertain for generations to come- and always be remembered. And now, another brilliant artist named Anne Fewell; a painter, and a sculptor, who like Ray Bradbury, only works for herself, experiences the joy that comes from creating, and lives optimally, has created the most fitting tribute to Ray Bradbury himself; a stunning life size sculptural creation of his bust, as seen pictured below.

The family of Ray Bradbury have now been shown images of the sculpture by Anne Fewell, thanks to the office of Joe Mantegna, and through courtesy of Starpower Management. Joe Mantegna, star of the hit show Criminal Minds, was dear friends with Mr. Bradbury, and will be soon releasing an exciting new documentary about the life of Ray Bradbury and his significant impact on culture.

When I had the pleasure to meet this artist, a refined and intelligent woman named Anne Fewell, her modest home nestled in Northern Los Angles on a quiet street near Burbank spoke nothing of which it housed. For inside this little cottage, dwells a gold mine of stunning and awe inspiring works of art; sketches, paintings, surreal work, impressionistic, realism, sculpture, writing, illustration, and more. A genius and a master of our time in her own right sat before me, and the familiar figures with which she molded perfectly crafted images thereof in clay and bronze were similar to her- the artist, in that they both shared the quality of greatness and talent with aesthetic creation. It is with such fondness and admiration that I am honored to introduce to you here, the truly masterful and great artist named Anne Fewell.

An Exclusive Interview with Artist Anne Fewell by Bruce Edwin

Anne Fewell: I am a fine artist who creates portraits in bronze and oil on canvas. I have a rare ability to infuse my work with the essence of a person. I also love painting landscapes and what I call ‘Fun Art’ in mainly acrylic, bringing life into all of my work with the intention of uplifting the viewer. I also have been commissioned to copy the work of some of the masters, and pride myself in being able to duplicate any work. My work is in public and private collections, including in the collections of many celebrities.

Anne Fewell: I paint mainly in oil on canvas. I do portraits in oil and bronze and pencil, house portraits in watercolor, oil and pencil, portraits of people and pets in oil and pencil, and I paint what I call ‘Fun Art’ to uplift people.

Hollywood Sentinel: When did you start doing painting?

Anne Fewell: I started drawing at the age of six.

Hollywood Sentinel: Wow, that’s a young age to begin! That’s great.

anne art
Artist Anne Fewell busy on creating a sculpture. Image, copyright 2013, Anne Fewell Gallery, all rights reserved.

Anne Fewell: Yes, from there, I have been creating in oil and sculpture, drawing and experimenting with different media. Within about the last ten years I have been involved more intensely in portraits in oil and bronze. Also, I have been commissioned during that time in doing house portraits and copies of works by some of The Masters.

Hollywood Sentinel: Nice. What got you started making art?

Anne Fewell: Being an artist and creating is who I am and comes naturally. When I was six years old and drew a cow that really looked like a cow with udders, and spots, and was anatomically correct, I surprised myself! My first grade teacher told my mother to encourage me, and from there on I knew what I wanted to do in my life and have been creating ever since!

Hollywood Sentinel: That’s great. How did you learn how to do paint and do sculpture?

Anne Fewell: I seem to know what to do. The only learning was in the techniques of oil and acrylic painting and sculpture. I have a Bachelor of Fine Art from one of the best art schools in the country; Kansas City Art Institute. I majored in painting and minored in sculpture, where I learned some of the techniques. I also went to Mission Renaissance Art School in Los Angeles where I learned a great deal more. I am always interested in exploring other methods and media to enhance my work. I am always looking and studying.

Hollywood Sentinel: Good, so you are professionally trained. Why exactly do you consider it is that you are here on this planet?

Anne Fewell: To create through my art an injection of life into the culture. It is of prime importance to me that those who see and own my work will have a respite from life’s little surprises. Also of great interest to me is to help other artists and encourage them to create more, and get their work out into the culture. Aesthetics has a way of melting negative emotions, and we need many artists all over the world to help with that, then we can have a rebirth – a new renaissance.

Hollywood Sentinel: That is all very noble. So what is your utmost purpose with the creation of art when you make it?

Anne Fewell: My purpose is to uplift people on a planetary scale and encourage other artists to do so. One of the best things about a person is when they are creating, whether it be cooking, dancing, building something, or even giving someone a smile for their day – anything. I think it is vital that anyone put more attention on creating something, however small, each day that will bring spirits up. A person’s creations are soul food.

Hollywood Sentinel: Nice. How do you want to be remembered when you are no longer here?

Anne Fewell: As one who made others happier with my art. Accomplishing that, I will have made this one life worthwhile. I will never stop creating.

Hollywood Sentinel: That’s great Anne. Well, you probably already know this, but you have done that a lot.

Anne Fewell: Thank you.

Hollywood Sentinel: How can people reach you to buy your work or commission a new work?

Anne Fewell: They can do so by calling me at my Los Angeles Studio at: 323-662-9893 or e-mailing at [email protected]

To see more art work by Anne Fewell, visit her official blog at: