An Exclusive Interview with Celebrity Medium Lindy Baker

Lindy Baker, Clairvoyant and Medium

Predictions for 2016

2016 is going to be Amazing! It’s a Leap Year with February having 29 days making it different from the get-go. In numerology, it’s a philanthropic and giving kind of energy year. Happy New Year! The reality is there isn’t really too much difference between December 31 and January 1 except for a very major thing; your frame of mind! On January 1, we’re filled with Hope. We get excited that we open our book of life to a new chapter, or a whole new book. We wish for as good or a better year than the last.

We feel an excitement of newness that brings on feelings of happiness. Perhaps, maybe something new and enlightening comes into our life that will bring our dreams come true. Perhaps our visions of financial bliss, love found, and physical health will descend on our lives. Our vitality for life soars as we think about all of the possibilities for the future. The biggest change between today and tomorrow is that beginning with New Year’s Day it all gets better in your mind.

Celebrity medium Lindy Baker

January 1, 2016 is a powerful day. Your birthday is a powerful day. Both contain that energy of Hope. Hope is a very powerful emotion. It can propel the thoughts of what you want out into the Universe to be created for you.

Dream big this year.

Feel that dream in your heart and envision that dream in your future. Kick the thoughts of mad, bad and sad out of your way, so you don’t create that instead.

Write down your dreams and hopes so that you are clear about your path. Envision how you will feel, what you will see and hear, how it will smell and taste when that vision appears in your life.

Year 2016 in the Roman calendar is a 9 year in numerology. Visit the official Lindy Baker site below to read more, and click on the play button here as follows, for the exclusive interview with Lindy Baker from The Hollywood Sentinel.

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