Advice for Singles in LA from Sherri Murphy of Elite Connections

An Exclusive Interview with California’s Hottest Matchmakers- Elite Connections

The Hollywood Sentinel: Hi Sherri, it’s good to talk with you here today.

Sherri Murphy (CEO of Elite Connections): Thank you.

Sherri Murphy: Well, I know that there are millions of California singles struggling to find a partner. It’s my guess that if that is you, you have not figured out the right way to find Mr. or Mrs. Right. Once we leave our 20’s the options of finding a quality person that isn’t married can seem completely impossible. The good news is, there are some fabulous single people out there, but you just need to figure out how to find them. Everyone knows the bar scene is not really the best way to go anymore, and the internet for dating can be dangerous or embarrassing. Having been in the business for over 19 years, I believe that hiring a professional matchmaker is the way to meet the best people in town.


Hollywood Sentinel: What is the problem with online dating?

Sherri Murphy: Online you have no one to screen people for you, and you don’t have a clue if the person you are meeting is 10 years older than they say or if they’ve been in jail.

Hollywood Sentinel: That makes sense.

Sherri Murphy: Right. Hiring a professional matchmaker assures that whoever you meet will be screened, has been met in person and personally interviewed by one of the matchmaking team before he or she gets your number. Each person you meet will be selected based on the criteria you’ve discussed with your matchmaker.

Hollywood Sentinel: But what if people are getting out there and making connections?

Sherri Murphy: Well, if you are tired of meeting the same old types- couch potatoes, or unambitious, immature people who will never grow up or be able to have a stable life and future family, then it’s about time to do something different, because nothing changes when you keep doing the exact same thing again and again. So for any open-minded, intelligent, professional single people wanting to find that special person, using a Southern California matchmaking service could be a great step toward finding the person of their dreams.

Hollywood Sentinel: It sounds interesting, but do professionals really need someone to help in this area?

Sherri Murphy: Many do. Think about how many businessmen and women put the important parts of their lives in the hands of professionals: realtors, animal sitters, attorneys, health care, and drivers. What makes hiring a professional matchmaking service to help you with your social life any less of a priority? They say, time is money, so if you’re serious about finding someone in the near future, contact the matchmakers at Elite Connections- your future shouldn’t wait.

Hollywood Sentinel: Wow, that makes sense too. I have seen some of your members on your site, and they look great- very attractive. I do think anyone single in L.A. that is serious about finding a serious relationship should check you out.

Sherri Murphy: Thank you, they should. They can visit us at: Or call us toll free at 800-923-4200