Ways to Organize Your LEGO Collection

Are you a Lego aficionado? If so, you probably know that Lego is not only designed for children. In fact, the Lego Group develops and manufactures products for all age groups. Their toys begin with their Duplo range, which is popular with babies and toddlers. As their customers age, they become more interested in their traditional Lego bricks. Adult fans enjoy their robotics systems and intelligent or programmable bricks.

According to Wiki.ezvid.com, “the best Legos for adults are fun to build and provide a lasting impression either via displayed conversation pieces or large sets that are fun to play with even after the building is complete. Collectors, parents, Star Wars fans, and any other adults will find their perfect match in this list of Legos designed for grown-ups who still want to have fun.”

Organizing your Lego sets

Every parent knows Legos are difficult to keep organized in one place. Most people I know casually store a seemingly infinite number of Lego bricks in a big plastic box. When it’s time to build objects with them, they just tip the whole box and pour everything out. Consequently, it’s easy to miss pieces when cleaning up. These people leave them lying around only to walk on them in the middle of the night.

Adult Lego sets are made up of a large number of very small parts, and they are not cheap to purchase. These sets also lose their intrinsic value when one or more pieces disappear, as you are no longer able to construct the item that you bought. Therefore, it makes sense to put together a working solution where you are able to keep all of the parts of each set together in one place.

Construct a storage system

There are ways to build a storage container that consists of rows of drawers surrounded by a frame. Each drawer is meant to house a particular type of block in a particular color. This way, instead of having to dig through a plastic box of different blocks for the specific piece you require, all you need to do is open the relevant drawer that contains the block you are looking for at any moment.

Label each drawer

To ensure that each drawer only stores a single type of block, it’s a good idea to use a custom labeling product such as iCustomLabel to label each drawer. I would recommend that you print an outline with the size of the block on each label. In this way, you won’t get confused and start mixing up the different blocks in each drawer. You will also be able to see what is in each drawer with just a quick glance.

Final words

It does not matter how old you are, Lego blocks can be fun to play with. Furthermore, there is no doubt that you will increase your enjoyment levels by having a carefully organized set of Lego bricks. Having immediate access to the piece you need is so much better having to dig through thousands of Lego blocks lumped together in a single plastic box.

Melissa Thompson
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