The First 5 Games You Should Get for Your New iPhone

Just a heads up going forward: there is almost zero chance the Bill Gates Donkey Game makes it onto anyone’s top 5 list, and this list is no exception. Not that I have anything against it.

But this isn’t about indulging in nostalgia or rewarding past achievements. This is about that brand spanking new iPhone you just unboxed. Once you get everything set up, you’ve got to head on over to the App Store and hit the gaming section like a starving man encountering his first buffet.

The First 5 Games You Should Get for Your New iPhone 1

Even the App Store offers little that can max out that A10 chip. So the entire store is open to you. Rather than focus on the specs and graphics and adrenaline rush, this list includes a mix of games you can pick up and play and never want to put down. So head on over to the App Store and start downloading these 5 games:

1. Pokémon Go

I don’t care if you don’t like Pokémon. It’s irrelevant. By now, Pokémon Go has achieved the status of cultural significance. It is not the first Pokémon game I have ever seen. But it is the first to get the world out of the house and committing random acts of social on a worldwide scale.

When you play it, just be sure to use an iPhone screen protector to keep your screen from shattering if you get a bit too enthusiastic while capturing a rare Hitmontop.

This game is played outdoors in a world made of concrete and rocks. But that’s also the best part. Don’t fret about the rules or the game mechanics. Just get it and go play. The less you think about it, the more fun you’ll have.

2. Card Shark

Card Shark is not new. It has no story. And the graphics are at best, uninspiring. It could have been written for any 16 bit console. And it takes advantage of no special feature of the iPhone. It is a card game. And if you are into cards, it is simply one of the best there is.

Not too many people know much about games like Pitch and Euchre. But if you do, you now have a computer partner to play. This game is free at the time of this writing. But it would be worth it at twice the price. Don’t worry about prettier or more feature-rich card games. From popular, to little known games, this one is the real deal.

3. Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is an endless runner. It has an interesting twist on the genre. But the thing that makes it really interesting is that it’s Mario. It is the first Mario game to land on a mobile device made by someone other than Nintendo. Mario fans, this is a no brainer.

It is one of the more expensive games on the App Store. It is free to play, but the full unlock is $10. The consensus is that if you like endless runners and love Mario, it is well worth the asking price. This game offers a lot that keeps you coming back for more.

4. Infinity Blade III

It is hard to spend a better $6.99 than on Infinity Blade III. It is not that it pushes the A10 as much as it shows it off. The Infinity Blade series is hack n slash at its most beautiful. There are few mobile games on any platform that can rival its graphical gorgeousness. Grab your sword and hack away the next few hours of your life.

5. Labyrinth 2

Labyrinth 2 is one of the most magical games in the App Store. It looks, sounds, and feels like you are playing the physical version of the game. Except that there are so many more possibilities in the virtual game. You will be convinced that your iPhone screen is in three glorious dimensions. That makes this game a whole other dimension of fun.

These games need little introduction and no instructions. Don’t worry about reviews. Just play. You’re welcome.

Anne Lawson
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