A Festival of Comic Books, Anime, Animation, Cosplay, Video Games & More!

NOV. 21 – NOV. 23, 2008


The weekend of November 21 – November 23, 2008 will mark the debut of the first annual Atlanta Supercon, a festival for fans of comic books, anime, animation, cosplay, video games and more in downtown Atlanta, GA. The show will include celebrity guests, artists, writers, vendors, comic books, industry guests, Q&A’s, parties, costume contests, anime programming, manga, cosplay, workshops, panels, cosplay photo shoots, raves and more!

Atlanta Supercon will take place at the Renaissance Atlanta Downtown Hotel, located at 590 West Peachtree Street NW, Atlanta GA. 30308.

The initial guest list for Atlanta Supercon includes:

Brian O’Halloran: Star of the Kevin Smith CLERKS franchise as Dante Hicks (including Clerks, Clerks 2, Clerks: The Animated Series), Brian O’Halloran will make his first ever Georgia convention appearance at Atlanta Supercon. Brian has also starred in Chasing Amy, Mallrats, Dogma, Vulgar, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Brutal Massacre: A Comedy.

James Urbaniak: The star of The Venture Brothers! James Urbaniak is the voice of Thaddeus “Rusty” Venture, plus: Phantom Limb and Jonas Venture Jr. In addition to his voice acting work, James has been acclaimed for his acting in the films Henry Fool and American Splendor and on stage in Thom Pain (which gained him a Drama Desk Award nomination).

Doc Hammer: Writer and star of The Venture Brothers. Doc is the voice of Dr. Girlfriend, Billy the Quiz Boy and Henchman #21.

Dave Willis: Dave is the co-creator and co-writer of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. He is the voices of Meatwad and Carl. Dave is also the co-creator of Squidbillies.

Dana Snyder: Dana may be best known as the voice of Master Shake in the Adult Swim series Aqua Teen Hunger Force, but his extensive list of credits also includes Chowder (Gazpacho), The Venture Brothers (The Alchemist), Squidbillies (Granny), Minoriteam (Dr. Wang), Sealab 2021 and Robot Chicken. Contrary to popular belief, Dana was NOT the “Food-Way Woman” in The Shawshank Redemption.

Carey Means: Carey is best known for his role as Frylock in the Adult Swim series Aqua Teen Hunger Force and as Thundercleese in The Brak Show. Carey has extensive stage credits and is also the voice of the Honda Element in the television commercials.

Jay Wade Edwards: Producer/Editor & Director of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Jay is one of the guiding forces behind Aqua Teen Hunger Force, acting in the role of Producer, Editor and Director for the show. For the feature film Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theatres he was the supervising Editor and a producer.

Herb Trimpe: Legendary Comic Book artist Herb Trimpe is best known for his work at Marvel from the 1960’s to the 1990’s, including art for The Incredible Hulk (for which he enjoyed an eight-year run and is credited with the co-creation of Wolverine in Incredible Hulk #180 and 181), The Transformers, G.I. Joe, Shogun Warriors and Godzilla.

Larry Kenney: Larry is known the world over as the voice of Lion-O in Thundercats. As well, Larry’s other well known roles include: Count Chocula, Bluegrass in Silverhawks, Jackalman in Thundercats, Sonny The Coco Bird for Coco Puffs and Dolph in Tiger Sharks.

Jim Cheung: Superstar Comic Book Artist. Jim’s credits include The New Avengers, Avengers: The Initiative, New Avengers: The Illuminati, Iron Man, Young Avengers, X-Men and more.

Don Kramer: Superstar Comic Book Artist. Don’s credits include Detective Comics, Batman, Nightwing, JSA, The Thing, Aquaman and Doctor Fate.

Samantha Newark: Samantha Newark is Jem from Jem and the Holograms!

Sam, as her die hard fans, friends and family know her best is also an accomplished musician, who’s original music and stellar vocals can currently be heard on such hit TV shows as Gossip Girl, Life is WIld, Laguna Beach, Punked and My Super Sweet Sixteen. She has also sung on the much anticipated James Bond video game and has lent haunting vocals to Sony’s huge hits God or War, Twisted Metal Black and Wild Arms 3. Plus: Sam has worked on The Transformers (The voice of Ariel) and Project A-KO. As an added bonus, Sam will be one of our musical headliners in concert on Saturday night.

Tadahisa Yoshida: Japanese Visual Kei and JRock superstar Tadahisa Yoshida is a singer/songwriter who has been taking the west coast scene by storm.

Michele Knotz: Anime voice acting star, Michele Knotz is the voice of Team Rocket’s Jessie, Misty, May, and Nurse Joy in Pokemon. Michele is also one of the stars of Smash Bros. Brawl and Shootfighter Tekken.

Pat Broderick: Legendary Comic Book artist and animator, Pat Broderick is an icon of the 70’s and 80’s comic book industry. Mr. Broderick has been the artist for Batman, Captain Marvel, Firestorm, Captain Atom, Detective Comics, Green Lantern, The Micronauts, Shazam, Alpha Flight and more! In addition to his comic book art, Mr. Broderick’s animation work includes concept design work for the Jimmy Neutron movie.

Allen Bellman: Golden Age Comic Book Legend. Artist of Captain America, The Patriot, Let’s Play Detective, Human Torch, Sub-Mariner and more.

Brittney Karbowski: Briittney is an accomplished voice actress who began her career in 2005, and in three short years has amassed an impressive body of work. Her credits include Xenosaga: The Animation (Momo), Red Garden (Rose), Chrono Crusade (Sister Anna), Gilgamesh (Fuko), Paniponi Dash! (Himeko), Coyote Ragtime Show (Franca), Guyver (Shizu), Best Student Council (Mayura), Jinki: Extend (Aoba) and dozens more!

David Naughton: Best known for his starring role in An American Werewolf in London, David has also starred in Midnight Madness, Makin It, Hot Dog… The Movie, Body Bags and dozens more!

Heidi Arnhold: Heidi is a superstar Manga artist whose work includes Jim Henson’s Legends of the Dark Crystal and Star Trek: The Manga.

Yaya Han: Superstar Cosplay Guest. Yaya has been a cosplay artist for over 7 years and is both nationally and internationally recognized for her craftsmanship in cosplay costumes. Yaya will be involved with our cosplay panels and costume contest. Her award-winning costumes can be seen on her web site, http://angelicstar.net.

DM Ashura: Electronic Music Artist. His credits include work in Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 4, Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3, Flash Flash Revolution, O2Jam and more!

The Con Vixens: Convention Vixens (aka ConVixens), is an organization of traveling girls dressed as cosplay characters of their own creation. These characters reflect different genres of fandom that touch on Sci-Fi, Pop Culture, Video Games, Comic Books, Anime, Asian Cinema, Horror and Fantasy. ConVixens appear at conventions and are supported with artwork and partnerships by such greats, as fantasy artist Larry Elmore. They are the live action character models, which the fans can meet in person.

Ken Plume: One half of The Ken P. D. Snydecast, co-founder of IGN Film Force, Editor in Chief of Quick Stop Entertainment.

Tom Wayland: Tom is and Anime and Animation voice actor and director. He is best known as the voice of Storm Shadow in G.I. Joe: Sigma Six and Reggie in Pokemon.

Pat Martin and Terry Cronin: The creators of the independent comic sensation Students of the Unusual.

Sean Taylor: Comic Book writer. Credits include: Gene Simmons Dominatrix and House of Horrors. Plus: Last Chance School For Girls, Jesse James in the Mayan Underworld, DCU Roleplaying Games and dozens more!

Rob Granito: Superstar Artist. Teen Titans Go, Warner Brothers, USPS Marvel Postage Stamp Artist.

Attractive Eighties Women: Musical Guests AEW is a punk rock comedy band that has been featured on the Adult Swim ratings-smash Frisky Dingo. Their ode to LARPing, “Lightning Bolt”, was prominently featured in the show and on adultswim.com, winning them critical acclaim, college radio airplay and many new fans both in the U.S. and overseas.

Jer Alford: Writer of Purrsia, Jesi the Genie, Kitty Honey, Gold Digger, Ninja High School, Zombie vs. Pirate. Owner and Editor in Chief of Mini-Komix.

President of Atlanime and owner of Atlantafandom.net.

Blake Wilkie: Comic Book Artist. Credits include: The Perhapanauts, Pirates of the Caribbean, Grimm Fairy Tales, Blood Shells & Roses. Blake is the art director for Black Chalice Studios.

Bobby Nash: Writer/Artist of Life in the Faster Lane. Writer of Fuzzy Bunnies From Hell, Domino Lady, Yin Yang, Startling Stories Magazine, Demonslayer, Threshold and Jungle Fantasy.

Manuel Aguilera: Artist, Cartoonist and Painter. Creator of Beware of Doug.

Greg Carter: Creator of the web comic Abandon: First Vampire.

The convention hours of operation are:

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 21: 4:00PM – 3:00AM


SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 23: 10:00AM – 6:00PM

For more information and updates: visit www.atlantasupercon.com

Atlanta Supercon Tickets are currently available online.

General Admission online and at the door is $35 for a weekend pass. Single day passes will be $20 for Friday or Sunday and $25 for Saturday.

VIP tickets are also available online.

Atlanta Supercon will take place at the Renaissance Atlanta Downtown Hotel. The special Atlanta Supercon room rate is $117 per night for attendees to the show. Call the hotel at 404.881.6000 and mention Atlanta Supercon to get the special rate. We have a special incentive for attendees who stay at the convention hotel. We’re offering (1) FREE weekend pass for each day you stay at the hotel. Reserve a room for 1 night, get 1 FREE weekend pass. Reserve a room for 2 nights, get 2 FREE weekend passes. All attendees who stay at the hotel will get a special FAST PASS for celebrity autographs. What that means is that you never have to wait in line for an autograph…you will be escorted to the front of the line. We will give out 1 Fast Pass per room.

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