Yamashiro Hollywood Offers Unique Dining Experience

Los Angeles is quite the place for a diverse selection of cuisine. It is becoming as popular as New York and Chicago. One of the iconic places that rises to world acclaim to dine is Yamashiro Hollywood.

It has a history of over 100 years and has catered to politicians, Hollywood stars, Royalty; and tourist from around the globe. Recently, the Glover family sold Yamashiro to the Sugar Factory Group, where they brought in some of the most talented people in the hospitality business.

On a Tuesday, I had the pleasure of inviting Clement von Frankckenstein, the actor who played the senator opposite George Clooney in “Hail Caesar.”

The British actor was greeted by Nicole Galati, the marketing and event sales manager and Executive Chef, Christophe Bonnegrace., who is quite the embracing chef recommended by his peers and nominated by them through Best Chefs America. His creativity and preparation of cuisine is most assuredly the finest I have yet to see. We enjoyed a wonderful conversation and through Chef Christophe, were introduced to film producer, Armando Rapino.

Yamashiro garden.
Yamashiro garden.

Culinary Journey

Our evening began with some appetizers served by J.R. who is one of the most informed waiters I’ve come across. We were served Asian baby back ribs, which were braised in duck fat for 4 hours with homemade barbeque sauce.

Two other items served were the Scallop and Lychee Yuzu scallops, which had a touch of lychee, wasabi, tobiko, serrano pepper, micro green, truffle oil, yuzu and lychee vinaigrette and Salmon Tataki, prepared with Serrano pepper, green onion, black tobiko, with sweet miso, and tosazu.

What a delightful way to start a dining journey!

Our main entrees consisted of the Himalayan Salt Plate, where garlic was melted into the salt block and American wagu steak seared, was placed atop the dense block. This is a signature dish where the salt plate is a dense block of translucent pink salt hand cut from ancient mineral deposits. It is heated to over 400 degrees, allowing the steak to be cooked at the table bringing about a full taste and a new version of flavor.

Mr. Franckenstein enjoyed Smoyu Glazed Black Cod, served with mustard greens, maitake mushrooms, wasabi and mash potatoes. “It’s perfect, everything is beautiful,” Clement said.

During our dinner, we had the pleasure of meeting Billy Rogers, the General Manager and Johnny Tiedemann, the assistant manager, both excellent in their field, from whom Yamashiro will have some pleasant surprises for their cocktail area as well.

Yamashiro outside.
Yamashiro outside.


We all at one time or another have enjoyed Molten Chocolate Cake, but the deserts at Yamashiro are a bit different. Strawberry Filled Donuts and Banana Mousse Crepes are very popular. What we enjoyed were the Trio Of Sorbets, which are homemade. The most outstanding was the coconut sorbet. Neither Clement nor myself have ever tasted a sorbet so good.

With the rich history of Yamashiro’s Asian garden, and the historical architecture of the building, along with it’s incomparable cuisine, Celebrity Scene News awards 5 stars to Yamashiro Hollywood.

For reservations for weddings, corporate affairs call (323) 466-5125.

Clement von Franckenstein, Armando Rapino, Executive Chef Christophe Bonnegrace, and Pete Allman
The Rat Pack at Yamashiro Hollywood. Clement von Franckenstein, Armando Rapino, Executive Chef Christophe Bonnegrace, and Pete Allman. Photo by CSN NEWS.
Clement von Franckenstein, Chef Christophe Bonnegrace, Nicole Galati, and Pete Allman.
Clement von Franckenstein, Chef Christophe Bonnegrace, Nicole Galati, and Pete Allman. Photo by CSN NEWS.
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