Relish The ‘Taste Tempting Sensation’ of Marriott Hotel’s Cuisine

Through my travels, I recently was very surprised through the cuisine presentations of Victor Miguel, the Sou Chef at Stones Restaurant. Chad Logan, the Executive Chef for The Marriott Hotel at Marina Del Rey, believes in promoting his staff. He especially is proud of Victor Miguel. Tom Hallick former star of The Young and Restless, and his guest, Yin Jiang, who is a concert violinist, have traveled throughout the world and are very astute in culinary dining. Both were my guest for our culinary journey.

When I dine out, I look for ambiance, quality of cuisine and how it’s prepared, along with excellent service. It’s been years since I’ve had such a creative chef with so much passion as Victor Miguel.


He has a gift in preparing cuisine with just the right amount of spices and creative food mixing. On this occasion, we dined in the private, elevated dining room which was overlooking the restaurant. This room has an elegant touch with sheer curtains. Our culinary tasting began with Arugula salad with fried peach.

That was indeed an excellent beginning, especially with the house dressing Victor created. Tom Hallick called it “taste tempting sensation.” Next on our tasting was a pan fried sea bass with final links and risotto. “Oh my God” were the words which came forth from Tom’s mouth. I certainly agree with his statement. I can’t remember when I had sea bass that tasted so delicious. Stones Restaurant is one of those best kept secrets in Los Angeles.


The Marriott, as beautiful is it’s modern decor and spacious seating areas, has had many a guest rave over their cuisine, yet locals don’t know just how excellent the dining is. Therefore, be sure to tell your friends and colleagues about this dining retreat. Referring back to our culinary journey, Chef Victor Miguel personally served all the dishes, with the help of Francico Gonzalez, our waiter. After our sea bass, a Saint and Spice Fillet Mignon was served with Brussels sprouts. This dish was totally different, because of the chef’s enhanced creation of spices. The ultimate surprise however was The Australian Lamb Chops.


This dish has received rave reviews from everyone. Since my Father taught me about meats, I can attest to the quality and preparation of this dish to be like no other I’ve tried. “Nobody on this planet is having a better meal than us tonight, and that’s the truth,” stated Tom Hallick. With that statement, we had our final tasting of desert which was an Italian custard, [Penna cot ta] with a cream on chocolate pudding. Em, so good. Celebrity Scene News rates Chef Victor Miguel and Stones Restaurant a top rating of 10. Reservations may be made by calling [310] 301-3000.

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