Pio Pio: The Flavor of The Andes

Enter Peru.
Enter Peru

Imagine. Lovely hostess, Pammela, escorts your party into a dining atmosphere amid paintings by South American artists. Sit alongside a brick wall lined with restful images of faces and hands, orange, blue and vibrant. Admire yellows and reds, murals of an Inca warrior, a sea dragon, or mountain countryside. Then, under the watchful and caring eye of owner Augusto Yallico, enjoy, as simple culinary basics rise to Peruvian perfection:


The ENSALADA DE EGUCATE: Fresh assorted vegetables are covered with thinly sliced tender-ripe green avocados.

FRIJOLES CON ARROZ, PLANTANO MADURO, POLLO ENTERO: Red beans, orange rice, sweet plantains, a mild, greenish, mustard-like “spicy sauce,” it is as if you taste golden Roasted Chicken for the first time.

PIONONOS: Chocolate and vanilla swirl-rolls are served alongside whipped cream and unique Peruvian ice cream.


High ceilings and large windows, two floors of ornate decor and a garden, modest pricing, I think you know where to have dinner tonight. And don’t forget to try the Inca Cola.

Pio Pio

84-13 Northern Blvd.

Jackson Heights, NY 11372

(718) 426-1010

Cuisine: Peruvian

Hours: Sun. – Thurs. 11:00am-12:00pm

Fri. & Sat. 11:00am-12:30pm

Delivery: Yes


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