Natural Based ‘Vodkila’ Set to Hit March 2012

Vodkila: The Joy of being responsible

Located out in Queens, NY Vodkila’s influences is to promote this new blended spirit. Vodkila is 180 grain, 100% natural smooth vodka-tequila that’s blended just right with 40% alcohol, 80 proof with 5 flavors.

Vodkila is a natural based vodka that is produced and proceeds through an eight year continuous running distillation process that allows vodkila’s temperature to become the #1 blended spirit on the market and it’s the new spirit that’s 100% natural with an original mix of vodka and tequila that’s infused into one. Vodkila is that immense transformation in how the world’s spirits are formulated that’s packaged in a handcrafted borosilicate glass bottle to preserve Vodkila’s taste and perfect temperature for enjoyment on any spirit occasion.

However, Vodkila was formed in 2004 by Amarante Gold Member. Vodkila was the brainchild of A.G.M. who had the passion to create a perfect mixed drink whereas, they were unable to find the proper blend in mixers, cocktails and premixed drinks on the market. By then, A.G.M. began creating their own blend of distilled mixed vodka’s together with citrus fruits and just enough tequila to formulate its extraordinary taste.

Over the next few years, this remarkable blend became known as One Night Stand, an eclectic taste enjoyed by an energetic influential generation. As word spread about this new blended spirit throughout popular night clubs and cocktail lounges and through self promotion and distribution, One Night Stand became known as an instant hit. Purely unsatisfied with not being able to copyright and maintain the name that gave the drink its popularity, the formulation of the drink soon became the actual name Vodkila(Vodka-Tequila) and maintained its exclusive attire.

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