Legendary Fig Tree Restaurant – The Star of Santa Monica

Since 1921, The Miramar Hotel, now Fairmont Miramar Hotel and Bungalows has entertained world class dignitaries, celebrities and international business. Originally a private estate, built in 1889, the Fairmont Miramar was converted to a hotel in 1921.

The unique presentation of the entrance to the courtyard of the Fairmont Miramar has a 140 year old Fig Tree, which today passes its wonderful name to their restaurant. The restaurant is called Fig Tree Restaurant, located inside the lobby of the hotel.


Executive Chef Jason Prendergast and Jon Butler create unique extras which are sourced locally from Farmers Market. This is as great as it gets, when it comes to healthy, delicious tasting cuisine.

Prendergast has a history of being raised on Italian cuisine through his family and through his travels at such 5 star hotels as The Four Seasons hotel in Chicago. He has established a healthy alternative way of preparing cuisine with a French and American style.

Jon Butler, Chef De Cuisine has a remarkable outlook at the ingredients used in finishing the final presentations of his dishes.

Yin Jiang, Chef Jon Butler, Pete Allman, Tom Hallick at miramar
Yin Jiang, Chef Jon Butler, Pete Allman, and Tom Hallick at Miramar

Culinary Journey

On this occasion, Yin Jiang and her husband, Tom Hallick celebrated her birthday with me. Yin and her husband have traveled extensively throughout the world and have excellent knowledge of well-prepared cuisine. Yin is from China, one who followed the rule of law upon becoming a citizen in the United States. She is aware of what is good and what is average.

Our waiter, Michael Selassie, who is a gem and very knowledgeable in recommending the various entras, suggested a New York flank steak for Mr. Hallick and Maine Lobster Rigatoni for Yin, along with Branzini for myself.

shannon errisson pete yin jiang tom hallick
Shannon Errisson with Pete Allman, Yin Jiang and Tom Hallick.

Ah, but first the appetizers, which included a Stone Fruit Salad, Bloomdale Spinach and market Oysters, with some wood over roasted squash. It is a great selection and it is prepared just the way our succulent tastes require.

The Flannery Beef-In Center Cut NY Strip was prepared with Rosemary fries and garlic butter. The Maine Lobster Rigatoni was prepared with Oyster Mushrooms, bloom ale spinach, tarragon, funnel and lobster jus.

The Branzino was prepared with pea tendrils, basil, and olive oil. All three entrees are beautifully presented and my Branzino, a Mediterranean fish is not a menu item at many other restaurants.

Like all good meals they’re accompanied with appetizers, and the star of all appetizers was the Market Oysters, British Columbia and Maine prepared with red wine-Shallot Mignonette, Fig’s Hot Sauce and Lemon. “These oysters are so fresh, its like they’ve just come out of the water,” states Hallick.

Of course, I must let the light shine on the Stone Fruit salad, prepared with Glacier goat cheese, Santa Barbara Pistachios, with Scarborough Farm’s Greens and golden balsamic vinaigrette and the Bloomsdale Spinach, prepared with warm pancetta vinaigrette, with cured egg and garlic crumbs.

I personally have to thank Shannon Errisson, the lobby lounge manager for her cordial service. It is just a delight to dine in this moderate, contemporary setting.


And then came the dessert! I loved the Peanut Butter trope, and the mocha almond cake with pistachcio ice cream. But the big conversation piece was the homemade potato chips with caviar and sour cream. We still ended up devouring more at the end of our meal.

Fairmont Miramar is located inside the Fairmont Miramar at 101 Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica. Hours of operation are 7 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. and 5p.m. – 10 p.m. Saturday – Sunday 7 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Reservations 310-319-3111

Celebrity Scene News awards 5 stars to The Fig Tree for ec=xcellent cuisine, ambiance and service.

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