Kabul Kabab: Food Fit For A Sultan

Kabul Kabab House
Kabul Kabab House

When the winter freeze closes the Queens Botanic Garden, it’s time to eat like a Sheik at the Kabul Kabab House. Once manager and gentleman “Sam” escorts you to your table, expect a taste of Middle Eastern heaven as Chef “Juan” handles the grill, creating a wide variety of delights.

I suggest:

Charcoal broiled, saffron chicken breast, hot off the fire with-

White, yellow and spicy brown fluffy Basmati rice with- Roasted tomatoes, onions and lime

(Pita bread and butter if you have room with your salad and yogurt dressing)

And there’s always room for ice cream, a saffron yellow, homemade with Rose Water and Pistachio.

Forget the grocery shopping and washing dishes. Shish kabobs are sizzling over on Main Street.

Kabul Kabab House

42-51 Main Street, Flushing NY 11355

(718) 461-1919

Cuisine: Middle Eastern

Hours: 11:00am-11:00pm

Meter Parking / No Credit Cards / Service Charge Includes Tip

No Delivery, but fast pick up in 20 minutes


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