Angered New Yorkers Serve Document Demand on Representative John Mica

In the face of an apparent refusal by Representative John L. Mica (R.Fl., 7th Dist.) to heed a prior demand that he step down from the House Transportation Committee and Aviation Subcommittee, a local group took action.

New York environmental group “Quiet Rockland,” acting in solidarity with the strength of thousands of petition-signatories, 300,000 Rockland County NY neighbors, and millions of affected residents in four other Northeast states, today served Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) demands upon Mica at his six (6) Florida offices.

They also mirrored FOIA demands on the USDOT and FAA. The FOIAs requisition all documents implicating Mica, as well as his campaign donors and donations, in the FAA’s hotly-contested and litigated “NY/NJ/PHL Airspace Redesign.”

Said John J. Tormey III, Esq. of “Quiet Rockland”, “Our grassroots group has learned to keep its press releases short, as a ‘thanks’ to the many journalists who have covered our plight to date. John L. Mica misused his position in government to personally peddle the FAA’s horrific Airspace Redesign.”

“‘Quiet Rockland’ will further unearth why, and how. Mica, the USDOT, and the FAA can now elect to timely comply with the document demands, or else not. They can come forward, or they can hide. ‘Quiet Rockland’ is ready to play it either way. All our rights and remedies are reserved.”

Tormey added, “The FOIA served on Mica is not served on him as a Congressman, but instead served on him as an FAA alter ego, as well as on his Florida district and campaign offices. Mica and the FAA have acted in concert as one and the same harmful enterprise, to cram-down a harmful flight-plan for commercial gain while oblivious to safety and environmental imperatives. He waived any FOIA immunity he would otherwise have as a Congressman.”

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