Jackfry’s Cafe Offers All Time Fave Food in Park Versailles

Through bitter windswept winter streets, Park Versailles students and teachers will brave the morning cold and snow. But for 15 years, Jack Rosado’s family business has faithfully served the community, a warm and friendly oasis that specifically caters to this cluster of local Bronx schools. This small garage-turned-eatery belies Jackfry’s Cafe’s quality food and service.

Jackfrys Cafe
Jackfry’s Cafe

The Park Versailles community uniquely rests isolated in the middle of congested major intersecting highways and railway transit, yet its northern border touches the lower tip of The Bronx Zoo and Botanical Garden, to the south, scenic Soundview Park and the East River, and its west border is the only natural freshwater river in New York City, The Bronx River.

Jackfry’s Cafe is centralized amid the dense number of High Schools and Elementary Schools located in the area, and the nearest zoning for any similar business is blocks away. Despite this advantage as being the almost only convenient place to grab a bite for school staff and students, Jack still keeps a high standard. The day after day, season to season meeting of expectations makes a patron’s work day more pleasant and keeps loyal customers coming back.

Besides the variety of lunch specials, it’s the little things that matter most. Their “regular” coffee size is a “large.” When you ask for cream, you get half-and-half and do not have to settle for spooned powder. At breakfast when you request your eggs “Over-Easy,” you don’t have to explain how to cook them.

In addition to a regular American fare, Jack offers Lasagna Tuesdays or Thursdays, Taco Wednesdays and Spanish Fridays.The family agrees, “We have had school staff and students come back over the years so happy to remember us. We are proud to have served the neighborhood for so long.”

Jackfry’s Cafe is small, but mighty, with reasonable prices, quality and fast service.

You know where to make your next Quick-Stop.

Jackfrys Cafe front counter
Jackfry’s Cafe counter

Jackfry’s Cafe

1265 Ward Ave (East 172 Street), Bronx, NY 10472

Take-out and Pick-Up Only

(Open only on school days)

(718) 687-2583

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