Health Abounds Through Primal Kitchen

In achieving health, most people see exercising to be the answer. However, health is more than exercise. It encompasses a good diet, staying away from transfats, and having a balance of good vegetables and fruits.

One individual who made a practice of guiding people to to achieve their health and wellness goals is Mark Susi, a former marathon runner. As a marathon runner, and a businessman, Mark created a line of health food products, beginning with his creation of Mayonnaise.

It wasn’t long before he created a complete line of food products that are marketed nationwide. The product line is called Primal Foods.

It is through the popularity of Mark Susi’s successful on line health product business that his son Kyle and daughter Devon opened their first franchise in Culver City. Primal Kitchen, one of three restaurants brings a fast food concept, serving healthy clean foods that are non GMO, and locally sourced, in a contemporary atmosphere.

Recently, the guests who joined me on this healthy journey was Tom Hallick, the actor known as the former star of “The young and Restless,” and his wife Yin Jiang, a concert violinist with Andrea Bocelli.

primal kitchen menu.
Primal Kitchen menu

Our culinary journey began with a Bone Broth, consisting of sweet potato puree, curry powder, sea salt, and collagen protein. This was served with a Strawberry Mojito, which is quite refreshing, served with lime, honey, strawberries, and fresh mint leaves.

I ordered the Daily Apple, juiced with cucumber, pineapple strawberry, and apple.

Tom then ordered a Sirloin Steak, and Yin ordered the Lamb Meatballs, prepared with Mediterranean spices, pomodaro, and served with tzatziki sauce cucumbers.

Other items I highly recommend, are the braised short ribs, the wild caught salmon, and the roasted vegetable stew. I especially enjoy what’s in the soup, which consists of tomatoes, leeks, parsnips, and rutabaga.

For desert, the Marscapone and fruit is delicious.

Whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Primal Kitchen has one major concern. It is serving clean, and healthy cuisine. By the way, there’s also a healthy menu for children too.

Primal Kitchen is located at 9345 Culver boulevard in Culver City. Hours of operation are Monday -Thursday from 8am to 9 pm, Friday and Saturday 8am-10pm, and Sunday 8am-8pm. For catering or delivery call (310) 945-4900.

Celebrity Scene News awards 4 stars for quality and healthy cuisine to Primal Kitchen, and their product line as well.

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