Executive Chef Joaquin Estolono Jr. Adds To Andaz Hotel Culinary Journeys

The Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood, a Hyatt property, has been noted as the place where music notables such as Robert Plant and Little Richard frequent, along with just about anyone of celebrity status. It is also popular with corporate clients as well. Today it presents a new dimension in hospitality.

The entrance area of the hotel has a contemporary living room atmosphere where guests can enjoy an espresso in the cocktail area. Opposite the front desk area is a beautifully appointed wine cellar unlike the majority of wine cellars one would see in restaurants. There is an open kitchen area where patrons can enjoy the artistry work of the chefs. For those who enjoy the Sunset Strip view, there’s a cocktail bar.

Guests At Andaz Hotel

On this special occasion, my guest Tom Hallick, known for many guest star roles on television, and best known for “The Young and Restless,” joined me with his wife Yin Jiang, a concert violinist with Andre Bocelli. Erin Maley the Food and Beverage Outlet Manager at the Riot House introduced us to Chef Estolono.

Chef Joaquin Estolono Jr.

An intriguing chef, Joaquin Estolono Jr. has worked in many of Mexico’s top resorts, including San Diego. For the past seven years he’s been with Hyatt. His most impressive accomplishments most recently won him the Silver Medal for Hyatts “Good Taste Series” globally.

bone marrow entree.

Culinary Journey

As Chef Joaquin states, “I create cuisine that satisfies the soul.”

That he does ever so cleverly and artistically. Our culinary journey was a celebration for Tom Hallick recovering from a bad case of the flu. Our first tasting was presented with Yellow Tail Poke, Tom raved about the unique taste. This entree is prepared with avocado, radish and ginger.

Next Chef Jaoaquin served us Charred Octopus, which is slow cooked, and prepared with chimichurri aioli topped with a house sauce. “Wow, this is the most mouth-wateringly tender octopus,” states Hallick. I certainly agree with Tom on this dish.

brown sea scallops.

Another dish popular with vegetarians is the baked Kabocha Squash served with fresh ricotta, pomegranate, spiced pepitas and cocoa. The most talked about dish was the Roasted Bone Marrow. It is prepared with purple radish, tangerines, and flyer de del. An electric dish indeed and very healthy. I especially enjoyed this dish along with the Cauliflower Croquettes, prepared with saffron aioli, manchego, pimenton de la vera.

Prize Winner

The prize winner toward the end our culinary journey was the Brown Butter Sea Scalops, served with swiss chard, truffled cauliflower, medijool dates and chorizo. Quite the unique taste that combines brown butter with the sweet taste of the dates.


Chef Joaquin is an absolute artist, Yin Jiang and Tom Hallick both said. I conclude with that by saying, “food artistry at its best.” Our final entree was an all Natural Grass Fed Prime New York Steak right from California. This comes complete with heritage carrots, pommel puree, baby turnips and borealis, this is a sure bet for steak eaters.

chef jauquin estolono.


With our tummies not too full, we ordered Chocolate Bread Pudding Brûlée. Chef Joaquin prepares this unlike other deserts of this stature. Prepared with creme fraiche, salted ganachem and drunken cherries, stewed for 30 minutes, this desert tantalizes the taste-buds to the extreme.

The nine course dinner is the highlight of my reviews in culinary delights. Congratulations goes to a very deserving Chef Jaoquin Estolono Jr.

The Riot house is located inside the Andaz on 8401 Sunset Boulevard. For reservations call 323-785-6071.

Celebrity Scene news awards 5 stars to Chef Jooquin Estolono Jr. and the Riot House.

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