‘Energy Green’ Salad Bar: Fresh, Tasty and Healthy

With a new salad bar on the New York City scene, owners Frans and Robby of Energy Green stand by their motto, “Eat Healthy, Feel Energized.”

Each day around 7:00 AM, everything is picked up fresh for the day so that you can choose from a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and meats, then watch Chef Willie prepare your meals chopped, diced and wrapped before your eyes.


Besides 11 salads with fresh baked bread and a choice of 18 dressings, plus wraps and smoothies that can all be made to order, the menu offers a variety of soups and snacks as well as veggie and turkey burgers.

Perhaps a mix of Italian and Mexican will entice:

Tomatoes, onions, peppers, asparagus, low fat mozzarella, grilled chicken with guacamole and black beans rolled into a spinach wrap.

Add a Four Season Fruit smoothie or Pomegranate Detox?

ENERGY GREEN salad bar

You know what to do. And you know where to get your Lunch Box Special, comes with soup.

Energy Green Salads Bar

70-11 Austin Street, Lower Level

Forest Hills, New York

(718) 575-0261

(Website up soon)

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Freshly chopped and mixed. Wrap it up!

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