Bacon Freak, the Ultimate Father’s Day Lifesaver

Admit it. Most of us have had problems thinking up a good Father’s Day gift for our own father. Sometimes, friends ask us what they should get for their father. Sometimes that works, but not every time.

Women are usually good at thinking up great ideas for gifts, but Father’s Day can be difficult, even for them. Here is a story of how one lady solved her problem.

Faced with the spectre of delivering a repeat gift – or worse – wrapping up last year’s gift for a second delivery, she saved the day.

A sudden flash of a brilliant idea made her call the ultimate Father’s Day saving grace – the Bacon Freak! And the result was a happy dad, a saved marriage. And all was well in the household.

Wouldn’t it be great if all life’s troubles could be solved so easily? Meat Candy – now that’s a lifesaver!

fathersday meatcandy
Alan Gray
Alan Gray is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of NewsBlaze Daily News and other online newspapers. He prefers to edit, rather than write, but sometimes an issue rears it's head and makes him start hammering away on the keyboard.

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