Long Skateboard Has Headlight and Tail Light

Last Thursday, Extreme Light Boards came up from Elk Grove, to the Folsom Thursday Night Marketplace. The booth was an amazing light show. There were amazing photon light boards

The family owned and operated business have several years of experience in the industry. The Photon Light Boards come in five bright colors…blue, green, red, white and UV purple.

I really liked the look of the long board cruiser, with it’s headlight, tail light, and undercarriage lights.

The photon Lightboard is a seven ply maple skateboard with 54 LED lights recessed in the deck, powered by a lithium battery, hidden in the deck. The battery is charged like a cell phone. You just plug the charge cord in and charge it overnight, and you get a two hour ride with lights.

The lights can be seen up to a quarter of a mile away.


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Extreme Light Boards, Elk Grove, California.

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