Bacari P.D.R. Offers Mediterranean-Inspired Wine and Cuisine

Play del Reys Bacari PDR-Unique Flavors

Fun times and great relationships join together when dining at Bacari PDR, Playa del Rey’s newest restaurant. This cozy eatery is unique in that it has a ceiling constructed with wine bottles and an interior of rustic wood walls. The cuisine of this wine bar and restaurant is considered to be Mediterranean inspired “cicchetti.”

Locals and tourists have discovered famous cocktails with such drinks as the Black Manhattan, mixed with rye whiskey, amaro, angostura, with an orange twist. There’s other cocktails which include Bacardi Spirits, Basil Breeze, the Holy Mula, Jalisco Mule and the Strawberry Fizz.

Tom Hallick, who is known for many films such as Freddy Got Fingered, Waking Up Horton and Perfect Couples, along with his wife, Yin Jiang, a concert violinist with Andrea Bocelli were my guests. Lior Hillel, the executive chef and Kevin Corona, Chef de Cuisine prepared a sampling of some creative dishes.

bottle ceiling
The bottle ceiling at Bacari PDR in Playa del Rey

Our culinary journey consisted of Lamb stuffed eggplant with lemon garlic, emulsion, lemon chip and scallion and tal’s tower, skewered shrimp stuffed mushrooms, green garlic oil and grilled baguette. There are some unique dishes served, which include oven roasted bone marrow, prepared with caper panko, sea salt, black pepper, and baguette.

“This is gourmet and the bowl of clams, wow, the best,” states Tom Hallick.

I especially enjoyed the cabecou, prepared with marinated goat cheese, cranberry compote, fresh ground black pepper and baked baguette. Bacari PDR also is popular for their handcrafted grilled pizzas. The smoked mushroom, prepared with the besciamella sauce, garlic Hool’s 2 year aged white cheddar and parsley is wonderful.

Patrons also enjoyed the Lamb buger, consisting of cucumber, shaved radish, and Kronfl, kale tahini sauce.

Time and relaxation is complimented with homemade deserts at Bacari PDR. Homemade bacaro ice cream with bread pudding was a delight and the malabi, rosewater custard, shaved coconut, hibiscus flower syrup and ground pistachio won all our votes as extraordinary.

Bacari P.D.R. is located at 6805 Vista Del Mar Lane, in Plays Del Rey. Call 310-439-2100 for reservations.

Celebrity Scene News awards four stars for their unique cuisine and atmosphere.

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