Awesome Healthy Tuna Steak: Recipe of The Day!

The horizons are the dish I’m serving today. I mentioned very briefly recently that I found out I’m a celiac and well it sucks. I love doughnuts. I love all the foods around not being a celiac, Why? The marketed food for celiacs are over priced and only because they have to use alternative methods to keep it away from the other produce but at the same time mass produce it and ship it out to everyone.

For example, the bread last for over a month why? Maybe it has something to do with it not having tall the stuff. I don’t know, either way I’m not pretty much tired of always reading labels reading everything. So I’m getting an app produced for Iphone and android to try counter this pain. How well that’s something else to look in to but I’m doing it for the greater good. So if you know how to start this process please contact me via twitter @foodcapades.

But aside from that for not having all the foods that were making me ill, it has given me new insight on the destruction of feeling sluggish all the time. But I’ll be honest, I’ve slipped up. I had shepherds pie only to realize that they would have used gravy granules and they mostly contain wheat or soya. But that’s only because it wasn’t marked on the menu.

So what does this mean for your article Steven? Will we still have the high quality funny tales and inquisitive food inventions and edited writing? Why yes faithful imaginative reader we sure will, possibly even more, notice the two articles posted in the same week awhile back? I know I sure did.

But what about ingredients and the price? I have a large family to feed and I don’t want to buy gluten free ingredients! And why would you healthy bystander of common-folk and real as the digital print I’m writing on just because I can’t enjoy the lovely tastes that will probably lead to my death, won’t affect you. But you should write a stern letter explaining my plague and hopefully making them feel sorry enough to give me free things.

I will leave you with a saying I just made up, “Life is like a loaf of moist tasty bread unless you’re a celiac which its torture and there for sinful.

Oh fine, ok! I’ll leave you with a recipe since this is probably why you mis-clicked on my article in the first place.

Healthy tuna steak

Using the power of imagination (my camera broke)

3-4 Steak sized tuna fillets (see a fish market or that strange fish smelling guy by the dock)


Fresh Basil

black sesame seeds

Light soya sauce

Give the steaks a nice prod and make sure there’s not secret bones and light spray the soya sauce on them. Nice.

In a medium size bowl/dish add the peppercorns and black sesame seeds to one side – awesome.

In a pad, grease the pan – but make sure no oil is seen.

Add the steak to the pan (I like griddle) but whatever its your meal. Sear it for roughly 1-3 minutes so its nice and white on the outside. NOW remove and slice in to chunks. You should see the same deep red as before.

Slice warm and add to burger or salad or to the sweet potato dish from before.

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Until next time Bon appetite

Steven Latchum
Steven Latchum is an Irish foodie who really loves making, eating, reading and writing about food. He says food is so genuine he can have a conversation with his plate, almost like a first date every time. Contact Steven through NewsBlaze.