Young Actress Arielle Watts Wows All At Script Reading

There were many talented actors at a script reading for the film, “The 4th Letter of Ponce de Leon.” The pre-production stages have been occuring off and on all year, but the latest stage was the film’s reading that was held on Sept. 15. At the reading young Arielle Watts wowed all with her rendition of her character, Orchid.

Location of Script Reading

The event was held at the home of Richard (film’s writer and director) and Danielle Watts in Naples, Fla. Their home could be found more easily due to a raised Spanish flag out front.

According to the Watts, even though this future feature film was held in mid-September, there is still much more to do in preparation of shooting the film. Currently there is no set date for the film to begin production, but Richard Watts has every intention of shooting it!

Youngest Actress in Attendance

The young actress, who wowed all, is the daughter of Richard and Danielle Watts. Arielle has been acting over half her life. Here, she shared a bit of her background in the entertainment industry.

“I started acting when I was five years old. My first role was a principal one as Queen Cabbage in a first grade play called ‘How does your garden grow?’ After that I was in a 1930s film study video playing Myra Daniels. That video was a five minute clip, and I had a main speaking role. Now I hope to be part of this new film, and I read as Orchid.”

Arielle Watts

Script Reading

Movie Poster

At the reading, that NewsBlaze was invited to, one could see that the Watts’ home was ready for a reading. Inside, in the living room, were approximately 25 seats, and some of them included director’s chairs.

The tall chairs were set up front to seat most of the principal and supporting actors. Arielle also sat up front, but she had her own shorter version of a director’s chair!

Actors began gathering around 4 p.m. Before the reading refreshments were served. The reading ended by 8 p.m.

Additional Talent At Reading

Some of the actors in attendance, at least those listed on the night’s program, were Gerritt VanderMeer, Fedor Steer, Rachael Endrizzi, Al Quinn, Kay Francis, Lucy Harris, Arielle Watts, Cora Anne Williams, Ty Landers, Cassidy Reyes, Carrie Belluso, Bruce Francis, Randall Kenneth Jones, Rebecca Bronzini, Steve Barnett (narrator) and Bill Boston.

Karen Benson is the film’s casting director, and she was also in attendance.

Richard Watts’ Projects

Richard Watts, of Videology Productions in Naples, told NewsBlaze that in addition to the film he has another project in the works as well – a board game!

Watts seemed excited about both his projects, but this evening his energies were dedicated to the film project only.



Some of the talent in attendance were members of United Film & Television Artists (UFTA), and the president of the organization, among other UFTA members, partook in the reading.

Thanks and Contacts

Thanks goes to Arielle and her family for inviting NewsBlaze to the reading.

For more on the film, UFTA and actors’ photos Google “The 4th Letter,” UFTA and look for all the above on Facebook as well.

Enjoy a video clip about Ponce de Leon.