World Famous Author Deepak Chopra Gives Voice to New Film ‘Duality’

Deepak Chopra Narrated Short ‘Duality’ Explores Cosmic Consciousness and Birth and Death themes. Producers of the film short are now developing a feature film adaptation.

Deepak Chopra is again making his mark in the film business by narrating new short film Duality, written by Sarah Lynn Dawson.

“Another word for Duality is Complementarity,” Deepak Chopra says.

Duality is directed by Emad Asfoury, Executive Produced by Peymaneh M. Rothstein and produced by Basil Moore. The filmmakers have announced that they are now developing a feature film based on the short prologue. Deepak Chopra will also be involved in the feature.


Duality, the short film received its world premiere during a special screening event in September at the Landmark Theater in Los Angeles.

Deepak originally broke the news of his involvement in Duality by tweeting about the film to his 1.8 million Twitter followers.

Director Emad Asfoury says; “I feel lucky and blessed to have Deepak Chopra be a part of our project. The Duality script is a unique one, visual poetry, and I wanted to create a piece of art that is open to interpretation on the part of the viewer.”

Lead actress and writer Sarah Lynn Dawson, last seen in Out of the Burning Blue starring Chris Klein and Werner Daehn, says;

“Duality is a film about a man who is traveling between different universes against his will. Through his experiences and struggle the film looks at the power of choice. The film is made as visual poetry and touches on theories of consciousness, space / time, and quantum physics.”

The short stars action hero Jon Foo, (Extraction, Tekken) in a departure from his Martial Arts heavy leading man roles. The film also stars Veteran Actor Don Most, best known for his work on the multi-award winning TV series “Happy Days.”

The film is Executive Produced by Peymaneh M. Rothstein and Produced by Basil Moore.