Why Is Oscar, Golden Globes, and Grammy’s Viewership Down?

Why is Oscar, Golden Globes, and Grammy’s viewership down again this year? Starpower Management CEO and Hollywood Sentinel publisher Bruce Edwin thinks he knows why, and discusses the reasons in this story and in the audio clip below, for NewsBlaze.

The 2018 Oscars reportedly had 26.5 million viewers, down 19% from last year. Similarly, the Golden Globes reported 10 million viewers this year was down 5%, and the Grammy’s 19.81 million viewers was down 24% from last year. (sources: MSN, ABC).

So what is the reason for the general decline in viewership of the music and film industries esteemed, and legendary award shows? Many industry veterans will argue it is the length of the show, claiming they run too long. Republicans, particularly Trump supporters, will argue that it is the shows’ bias against their President and his administration. Still others will argue it is the fault of the host – who often takes the blame for low numbers.

Jimmy Kimmel.
Jimmy Kimmel (c). 2018, AMPAS

In reality, it is none of these, and comes down mostly to one factor – Advertising and PR. Let’s start with a look at The Oscars. Years ago, The Academy began sending out a flurry press for “Hollywood’s Biggest Night” weeks, and at times even months in advance of the big show. Over the past several years, that advance flurry has been reduced to a slow trickle, just weeks and days before. Why? Certainly the Academy has no budget crisis.

I consider a part of the problem to be the fact that Hollywood’s ego has taken a big hit. There is after all, what is called “The Weinstein Effect.” Reported rapist and sex abuser Harvey Weinstein cast a black eye upon Hollywood from which the industry will never fully recover. Top agencies to the stars were accused of being complicit, as well as many other major stars who were either accused of allowing the known abuse to occur, or many – similarly accused themselves.

Listen to more about this in the report here below;

Bruce Edwin states regarding his interview above; “Correction regarding the Knicks comment, I meant to state the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots.”

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