What to Do When You Land in Hollywood as An Actor

Bruce Edwin is founding CEO of the A-list firm Starpower Management LLC, publisher and creator of The Hollywood Sentinel, and producer of motion picture. His services, based on his years of expertise and success in the music and film industry are sought out and used by some of the most powerful companies and stars in entertainment.

This article series, a precursor to his upcoming book series, is his way of giving back to models, actors and bands, with knowledge, that in its totality and with its unabashed honesty cannot not be found anywhere else, for free. Whether you want to be a famous model, actor, singer, director, producer, or similar, the following advice will help you in most any chosen area of entertainment. You can read more stories like this one below at The Hollywood Sentinel at the link at the bottom of this page.

Hello Bruce,

I am a big fan of your work. My name is Christopher Tyler Knipp. I am __ yrs old. I live in a very rural small town in Grayson, KY. I have always dreamed of being famous and working in Hollywood. I have had a lot of obstacles I am overcoming. For example I had acne from an early age which destroyed not only my complexion but my self worth, my weight I currently weigh in at __ lbs and the biggest of all is at age 20 I was disowned from my family for being gay and coming out. With no support system no confidence and no real direction I feel like I have really missed my opportunity to live out my dreams. My friends are very supportive and I know that I could easily become the next hilarious film star. If it was not for my dreams of Hollywood I probably would not even be here today and I am beyond ready to make a change remove myself from the negativity and prejudice around me and to just feel like I can start living again. I am trying to save up as much as I can to make the move to LA. I just wanted to know if you had any pointers for me once and if I ever make it there.

Thank you for your time,



Bruce Edwin Responds:

Hi Christopher, first of all, well done on surviving the invalidation and suppression you have endured. You now know that you are a survivor, which is one of the key qualities to success in any field, including Hollywood. Congratulations also on finding a good group of friends to help give you the emotional support you need. Your families hatred against one being gay is a learned behavior. The nature of a human being is love, and hate is indoctrinated, so the hatred your family feels is something they were wrongly taught. Hate is also often based on fear, misunderstanding, and ignorance. Keep sending your haters, including your family, love, and know and remember that they are merely victims of their own minds and the wrong, hateful thinking they were fed. Hopefully one day they will wake up to reality that they have a son who they should have a relationship with no matter what your orientation.

You asked for pointers ‘if’ you ever make it here to Hollywood. First of all;

1. You have to get the word ‘if’ out of your vocabulary. If you want it enough, just resolve that you will be here in Hollywood, commit to it, and let nothing stand in your way, no matter what. There is no point moving here to Hollywood until you feel and know you belong here, and until you believe that you deserve to follow your dreams- which you do deserve. Get and maintain a positive mental attitude, which is the key to all success. Read the biographies of stars you admire to see how they succeeded. Read self help books and listen to self help programs including self help videos online- daily. Read books including ‘Think and Grow Rich,’ ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People,’ ‘Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude,’ ‘Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…and it’s All small Stuff,’ ‘Charming Your Way to the Top,’ and more.

2. Have as much money saved up before you move here, so you don’t struggle. Resolve to never beg or borrow, and don’t ever go in to debt for your dream. Plan wisely. Follow the wise financial plan of A, pay yourself first by saving at least 10 percent of everything you make that you never touch, and invest it wisely, B, pay all bills on time, and do not live above your means. As a general rule, avoid credit or anything with future committment. Have six months of living expenses saved for financial emergency. Enroll in college courses that will help you become marketable and employable in the work force while you are pursuing your dreams.

3. Make a friend online that you can room-mate with, or who will show you around, or both when you get out here. Be sure to know them well before you live with them. The better friends you can make here before you move here, the wiser, to have a support team. Joining a group before you move here that you can have as a support base would be a good idea too. Some examples are an activist group, a church, spiritual, or community betterment group, or similar. You can also do some volunteer work, both to help others and to meet good people. Surround yourself with others who are doing what you want to do that are already having some success.

4. Avoid drugs and avoid any one who does them. Also stay away from criminals and pornographers. This may seem obvious, but I have seen and dropped many who have gone down these dead end, and often deadly paths. Never compromise your values and integrity for any amount of money or fame in the world. Money and fame comes and goes. Your integrity and values, which effect your soul, are eternal. Avoid negative people and people who are pessimistic and complain constantly.

5. Apartment finders has the monopoly on rental services. You can use them, or try Craig’s List. Or, you can simply walk around when you get here and write down numbers of signs from locations you like. Some rich families will rent out a room that you can live in, and live like a king.

6. Learn the bad areas of the city and avoid them. Take a self defense class, so you can take defend yourself in case of an emergency.

7. Get a good map such as a Thomas Guide and start studying it and memorizing some of the streets and freeways before you get out here. Always carry your charged phone on you with your I.D. and emergency contacts.

8. Sign up for Central Casting, and do some background work, and work on getting all of your three SAG vouchers. Sign up for a legit calling service, to help you get booked. Do some audience work, which pays around minimum wage, but will also get you on set. Pick up Back Stage West and do some indie projects there to build your resume, and do some plays for the experience. Read the trades.

9. You mentioned you want to do comedy, so you should definitely hang out at the comedy clubs, and also go check out The Groundlings and Second City. Go check out The Acting Center to see my client Jim Meskimen and his wife, who are both hugely talented and funny, and may give you some free advice if you ask them nicely. Make some comedy sketch videos and upload them on You Tube and then promote them.

10. Get and have a good, safe, reliable car. You will be glad you did. Don’t give the finger to someone here if they cut you off. In case you have not heard, some people in L.A. ‘are’ crazy.

11. Consider a waitstaff job at an upscale restaurant where stars and star producer and directors go. This will get you in touch with the Hollywood crowd, get you paid, and usually allow you some flexibility that you need as an actor. Catering companies can also serve this function, working as a caterer for various temp jobs at the big country clubs and private, VIP clubs.