UFO Reports in Burbank Possibly A Hollywood Hoax

Numerous reports of an unidentified object spotted in and around the airspace of Burbank last weekend, led to speculation that beings from another planet may have been monitoring what was known as carmageddon, here in Los Angeles – the temporary shutdown of the 405 freeway and parts of its arteries, last week. Reported witnesses of the flying hovering craft around the Burbank airport believed that species may have been witnessing Californians, for what was predicted to be their ensuing major chaos. Instead, the event was unusually calm.

Others however, dispute the UFO sighting with some eyewitnesses claiming the craft was simply the final take off launch of the now scrapped Space Shuttle mission. That would be a good bet, except for the fact that the take off was a week earlier- NASA has now retired future shuttle missions- and secondly, the last shuttle launch was in Florida, not Los Angeles. Still, another story seems more plausible-a publicity stunt.


A cast member from the upcoming science fiction comedy titled ‘Visitor From Planet Omicron,’ directed by Mike Donahue, and starring Inge Jaklin from ‘Hogan’s Heroes’ fame, was reportedly in the Burbank area the night of the alleged UFO spotting. In the film, alien visitors travel from the planet Omicron on their craft to Earth, prepared to take over the planet. The UFO however, accidentally lands in the backyard of a Burbank native played by Inge Jaklin. Inge starred in ‘It Takes A Thief’ with Robert Wagner, in addition to winning the crown at a young age as ‘Miss Austria’ among many more awards. Inge’s comedic character- Frieda, distracts the invaders from taking over Earth, foiling their plan predominantly due to her out of this world gourmet cooking. An unidentified cast member -not Miss Jaklin- was allegedly spotted in the sighting area, allegedly with some visual effects lighting. When confronted, he reportedly began speaking in an unknown tongue about his vessel. Omicronian?

After theatrical appearances in films including ‘In Like Flint’ among others, Inge Jaklin launched a successful singing career that spanned the globe, singing on the T.V. show ‘Backstage Life,’ appearing on ‘Life Across America,’ starring on the strip in Las Vegas, and being elected to sing for former President George Bush among more. Inge Jaklin stars in three upcoming new films directed by Michael Donahue; ‘Pooltime’- as Mama Anna- a hilarious comedic love story set in the Hollywood Hills, now available on DVD, ‘The Extra’-another upcoming comedy about a bad boy movie star who books himself as a background movie player for a joke that goes all wrong, and also, in ‘Visitor From Planet Omicron.’

MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), and cast from ‘Visitor From Planet Omicron’ could not be reached for comment before this publication.

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