Time Warner Cable Fails Los Angeles Again with 2 Million Subscribers Affected

Time Warner Cable, one of the few cable TV, telephone, and internet providers in Southern California, had service that failed to work again. It spread out as far away from San Diego to Los Angeles. According to the Los Angeles Times, the outage affected over 2 million subscribers.

Four months ago, we reported the failure of Time Warner Cable which did not restore for at least 12 hours later.

During that time, a Time Warner Cable representative stated about the problem, “All services are out in the area of node AR508.”

A node in telecommunications language refers to a public or private connecting point for signals that may be computer- automated. Other nodes were also reported to have failed by the company. The representative confirmed that it could be hundreds of thousands of customers that were affected by the Time Warner Cable failure.

This is a growing list of failures of Time Warner Cable service that has brought disruption to households and businesses this year. On the day of the Lakers N.B.A. championship game for example, according to KABC – TV, “Time Warner Cable experienced a router failure when they switched services from where the cable was served to a different site.”

That failure affected people in the South Bay and West side of the city where sports fans attempting to watch the biggest night of the year could not even see any thing on their screens for nearly 15 minutes during those exciting plays.

Today’s outage by Time Warner Cable which stretched throughout the night, may leave many TWC customers looking at other service options. Los Angeles utilities are notoriously run by a small group of companies, where most consumers often have no option for land line phone, cable, or internet service other than from one company in a specific area.

These outages are only the half day and day long instances that we are reporting. We are not even bringing attention to those numerous other hour long or minutes long outages that have occurred again and again throughout the years. Time Warner Cable sometimes disrupts or stops consumers entertainment, social, and business communication.

If Time Warner Cable weren’t so awful to communicate and do business with, their repeated failures might even be ones we would try to find forgivable. However, if you try to call them, good luck! For now, Los Angeles TWC customers should look hard and fast at replacing this horribly run utility company. They are only very effective at bill collecting, but can’t seem to keep the services on for paying customers.