There are Good Men Everywhere Reports Elite Connections’ Sherri Murphy

The VIP Celebrity Matchmakers from Elite Connections, Sherri Murphy and Tammi pickle met with Paula Lampert, the star of the German reality documentary TV show “Under Foreign Blankets” . Paula is a published author and German celebrity. She travels around the world to find out about romance and love around the world.

The L.A. matchmakers of Elite Connections spoke with Paula about what the single men are like around the world. Last season’s show was based in France. This year’s show is about love and dating in America and the show will start with Paula’s date in Los Angeles. She heads next to San Francisco.

The matchmakers of Elite Connections matched Paula with one of their VIP clients, and Paula thoroughly enjoyed the date. The VIP matchmakers were happy to hear that Paula enjoyed her match very much. She was quoted as saying, “The men in California are much nicer than France and Germany!”

In defending men around the world, Sherri Murphy, CEO and founder of Elite Connections stated, “There are nice men all over the world, you just have to know where to find them!”

Celebrity Matchmaker Elite Connections has matched stars including LaToya Jackson, on ‘Life With LaToya’ as seen on Oprah’s OWN Network, and continues to work with many celebrities today as well as every day people from all walks of life throughout California and New york.

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