The Story Behind Producer and Talent Manager Bruce Edwin

World renowned logo designer to the stars Michael Manoogian had some recent thought provoking questions to ask producer, manager, and publisher Bruce Edwin, those questions, along with the answers by Bruce Edwin.

Michael Manoogian: What is your main goal?

Prevention of Child Abuse

Bruce Edwin: My main goal is to own my own multi-billion dollar entertainment empire that has a major and profound positive, impact on culture world wide while I am here on this planet, and forever, which helps people to grow emotionally and spiritually, and which helps to prevent the abuse of children.

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Multi-Media Artist

Bruce Edwin: I am striving to accomplish this goal, by expanding the power and production of Starpower Management, The Hollywood Sentinel, and my other individual creative works including producing.

Bruce Edwin: I decided that I would be a writer, producer, and director when I was around six years old, after seeing The Wizard of Oz.

I decided I would work in the music industry after hearing The Beatles, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, The Everly Brothers, Tommy James and the Shondelles, Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, The Sex Pistols, and many more when I was also at around this age.

Money – Not the Root of All Evil

I decided that it was my nature to be very wealthy at around 25, when I realized that to create the biggest influence on culture through the arts is best done with mass media – which – including major motion pictures, cost a lot of money. I also realized this after I become thoroughly done with being a broke ‘starving artist,’ and realizing that money is only a tool, that can be used for evil – yes, but can also be used to do a lot of good on this planet.

I decided to become a model and talent manager at around 20 when I started my own magazine, and realized how much I loved promoting and dealing with artists.

subnormal magazine

Bruce Edwin: When I launched subnormal magazine back in the 90’s, I knew then that I had ‘arrived’ at being a working professional in Hollywood and in the music and film industry, because people were buying it, I was getting a lot of attention for it, and some of the top executives and artists in Hollywood and New York and around the world were calling me up.

kill hannah

Then, Atlantic Records asked me one day for my advice on what hot new bands were out there that they should check out, that were not signed. I ended up helping to get one of the bands I was in touch with – kill hannah signed to Atlantic at that time. That got me later thinking a lot about how I would love to make a living by finding and helping great new bands and other artists get signed and become successful.

Andy Warhol

What got me further going in that direction further was my own personal study of artist Andy Warhol, who made fame an art, and made art more famous. I want to also add that some people think that Andy was exploitative and uncaring. That is false. Often times, people who are less talented, less creative, and less successful than an artist or any one else for that matter, will attack them in any way they can in order to try and lessen their value on the eyes of the public. Some people can’t handle someone being more powerful and considered more valuable than they are – so they attack. I see it happen all the time in Hollywood, and it happened to Andy Warhol. The solution is to continue prospering, and ignore the naysayers.

You’ve heard that line about success being the best revenge? That’s a good motto.

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