The Craziest Moments in Fashion in 2015

It’s about the time of year where “Best Of…” lists start popping up everywhere you look. 2015’s best music, books, films, art and sporting achievements will soon be the subject of the hot debate on the pages of every website and magazine – and in that spirit, this article takes a look at the biggest, boldest, most innovative and most outrageous fashion moments the year has had to offer.

The fashion industry has always had a reputation for taking risks, but 2015 has given us a few more OMG moments than

The Internet Dress That Got the World Talking

Was it blue or black, or white and gold? Back at the start of 2015, this was the photograph that sparked a thousand heated discussions – and neither camp could see what the other one was talking about. There was a sigh of collective relief when the original owner of the dress stepped forward to clear up the confusion – it was actually blue and black, although many commentators still found it difficult to believe. Here’s the science behind the optical illusion.

rihanna pizza dress
Rihanna wears a Pizza

Plus Size Got Big

Plus-size models have been making waves for a number of years now, but 2015 was the year they really broke through to the mainstream. We saw more plus-size models on billboards than ever before – with campaigns such as Lane Bryant’s #PlusIsEqual fighting for equal recognition for bigger women – while the plus-sized clothing market is now worth billions, with more and more retailers stepping up to meet the demand. Australia-based beme plus-sized clothes is one of the brands leading the way.

Kanye Broke Into Fashion

Critics might not have raved over his fashion shows, but that didn’t stop Kanye from proudly assumed his self-appointed role as undisputed king of the fashion world. His $350 sneaker collaboration with Adidas sold out in a matter of minutes when released back in the summer, and his “London-riot inspired” autumn/winter runway show was the subject of much discussion.

Photographers Created Controversies

The fashion world isn’t known for its aversion to controversy – who remembers Aamna Aqeel’s slave-themed fashion shoot back in 2013? – but this October, many spectators shared the view that things had gone too far. After the summer’s widely-reported (and still very much ongoing) European migrant crisis, Hungarian photographer Norbert Baska sparked waves of outrage by using a “migrant chic” photoshoot to showcase luxury designers. One bedraggled-looking model took a selfie next to a barbed wire fence, while another struggled with riot policemen. Though Baska claimed he was just trying to “raise awareness,” many of his critics weren’t convinced.

Rihanna Wore a “Pizza”

While it might not be as politically, socially or historically significant as the other entries on this list, Rihanna definitely deserves recognition for the sheer willpower it must have taken to turn up with this on and keep a straight face. Rihanna has a reputation for daring fashion choices, but her outfit for the 2015 Met Gala in New York – a fundraising event that also serves as a who’s who of the fashion and celebrity world – might just be her most outlandish yet. It was a matter of minutes before the dress was all over social media, giving rise to widely-shared pizza-themed memes.

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