Tabloid Darling Phoebe Price On Mission to Honor Her Dad

Dear readers,

Our friend Phoebe Price sent us the below letter and asked us to help her get the word out about this. After checking out the cause of this mission Phoebe is on, we realized we just couldn’t say no. We think you will agree after reading this letter, and seeing the touching video at the bottom of this page with this beautiful, amazing girl, that you will feel like us and think also- ‘How can I say no?’ Please read on and watch the video and we think you will agree with us and say yes to helping today.

Bruce Edwin; Starpower Management LLC, The Hollywood Sentinel


Hello Friends & Family,

My name is PHOEBE PRICE and I am on a mission. My father, HOP PRICE, died of Leukemia. He fought a hard battle hoping researchers would find a cure for this disease. Hop was an automobile dealer in Jasper, Alabama for 40 years and a kind and respected person. He never thought it would be him, but we never know when cancer might strike and we MUST find a cure.

Since his death I have supported various charities and this year my friends and I have made a commitment to participate in The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) Man and Woman of the Year campaign. The campaign consists of candidates from cities across America trying to raise as much money as possible in an intense 10-week period that begins February 16 and ends April 26, 2012. This is a huge team effort and we have named our group “A Priceless Team.” My dedicated team members include Alicia and Ed Magana, Bill Bakho, James Phillips, Anita and Karl Seelig, Liz Rodriquez, Rory Raggio and Scott Ferreire, Sabrina Medrano, Misty and Scott Schwartz, Flora Price and Cameron Lee.

Our goal is huge – we are trying to raise over $100,000 and secure donations from every state in America. To achieve this goal we are reaching out to all of our friends and family asking for donations. The great thing about this campaign is there is very little overhead for LLS so your money really goes to funding much needed research and patient services.

You can make a donation by clicking on the “Donate Now” button above or you can mail a check to me made payable to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (8109 Kirkwood Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90046). All donations are tax deductible. To ensure that I receive credit, please put my name in the memo line.

These are the facts: every 4 minutes, a new individual is diagnosed with a blood cancer and every 10 minutes someone dies. Leukemia causes more deaths among children and young adults under the age of 20 than any other cancer. Because of research funded by LLS, half of the newest cancer fighting drugs approved by the FDA were initially brought to market to treat blood cancers. Many of these drugs are currently being utilized for patients with other cancers including breast, prostate, ovarian and lung cancer. To find out more about LLS please visit their website.

If I win “Woman of the Year” for LLS, I will be able to name an LLS Research Grant in memory of my father, Hop Price. I am not doing this for my own personal recognition but for the wonderful children, men and women who are suffering from this dreaded disease. Thank you in advance for any donation, large or small, that you are able to give.

– Phoebe Price