Sylvester Stallone Sued By Writer for Copyright Infringement

Sylvester Stallone is in for another fight, but this time in court, as the veteran action hero is named in a lawsuit for copying a screenplay similar to The Expendables, where the 65-year-old co-wrote and co-produced, directed, and starred in last summer’s blockbuster that also featured Schwarzenegger, Willis, Statham, Li, and several of the legendary tough guys that ruled the big screen over the last three decades.

Marcus Webb, a writer from Connecticut, claimed that he wrote the original under the title “The Cordoba Caper” back in 2006 about a team of mercenaries hired to overthrow a ruthless dictator named General Garza in South America.

Expendables co-writer David Callaham, Millennium Films, and distributor Liongate are also being named in the lawsuit filed by Webb, who also seeks “unspecified damage” and a court order to halt current production of The Expendables 2, which is scheduled to come out August 17, 2012. The sequel reunites most of the original cast (minus Mickey Rourke’s Tool), including the Governator and Willis in more pivotal roles. They’re now joined by fellow Hollywood heroes Jean-Claude Van Damme (the “Muscles from Brussels”) and Chuck Norris (the John Wayne of martial arts).

The Hollywood Reporter stated that neither Stallone nor any of the representatives from Millennium/NuImage were available to comment at this time.

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